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Real Women Don't Have Help {And Other Lies…}

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There have been a spate of great articles lately on the blogosphere talking about moms and women everywhere who use one simple asset to achieve excellent in their daily lives.

That asset?


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The Happiest Mom first took on the myth of doing it all and reminded us all of a simple fact that we’ve forgotten in the decades since we last read Little Women. The March family had help. Yup. Like many of our ancestors in the USA (or modern peers overseas) help was a normal, attainable part of daily life.

From cooking to cleaning to child scrubbing to gardening, the help could do lots. And they still could — if only we let them.

In Never Mention the Housekeeper, we’re once again reminded that our biases as super women who “shouldn’t need” help are what are holding us back. Finally, no great discussion is complete without the indomitable Tsh Oxenrider (aka Simple Mom) weighing in.

Today, I encourage you all to find that place in your heart (or your head) where you’ve sworn off help and to turn that notion on its head. Help — even a few hours a week paying a mother’s helper a nominal fee — can make you a better wife, mother, and woman.

Do you have help? Does it help you to soar?