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About OraCoat

Oracoat has carefully designed a line of all-natural products that ease Dry Mouth and pain from oral sores. These products are small discs that stick to your gum and dissolve over a period of hours to provide long-lasting relief. Anyone suffering from dry mouth, canker sores, irritation from braces, or cuts in the mouth may find these small discs to be an amazing help. Mouth pain can be very miserable and distracting and trying to eliminate can be frustrating, but Oracoat aims to change that.

XyliMelts and H-B12 Melts are problem-solvers. They stay put. You can sleep with them in your mouth. They are safe for your dental health as opposed to candy lozenges and other such methods people use to ease the discomfort from Dry Mouth and sores.

Oracoat products are made from all-natural ingredients like Hyaluronan, bioactive B12, xylitol, and cellulose gum. They work by lubricating the mouth and increasing your natural saliva production. Even though the concept is simple, it provides many benefits including improved comfort, fresh breath, and less chance of tooth decay.

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OraCoat Free Shipping Policy

Oracoat offers low prices on their USPS and FedEx shipping services. If you need expedited shipping, they provide it via phone.

OraCoat Return Policy

Because of the nature of these products, Oracoat cannot offer returns, so all sales are final.

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