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About Plugfones

Plugfones achieve two goals with one product. For starters, these earplugs block out the loud sounds in environments such as construction zones, shooting ranges, and the gym. Additionally, they allow wearers to listen to music at a safe level for the eardrums even when the background noise level is significant.

When purchasing Plugfones, you have three basic product variations to choose from. The Original Line is the least expensive and is ideal for short-term use; the non-replaceable earplug tips last about 30 to 45 days before they must be replaced. The next level up, the New and Improved Line, has long-term use earplugs, which are interchangeable and replaceable. The highest level Plugfones have the same features as the middle-level earplugs, but they also add volume limiting technology, making them ideal for extremely loud environments.

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Plugfones Free Shipping Policy

There is FREE first-class shipping on orders over $40. Priority shipping is also available at a standard rate.

Plugfones Return Policy

Items in the New and Improved Line can be returned within 90 days of purchase. Those in the Original Line can be returned within 30 days.

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