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Tv-Silencer Review

TV-Silencer is a website named after the only product it sells. The TV-Silencer is a fantastic device that will automatically mute the sound of different devices when your home phone rings. This allows consumers to hear their telephone calls clearly, no matter what they are doing.

TV-Silencer is able to mute DVD players, TVs and stereos when the phone rings. This prevents people from missing phone calls because their electronics are turned up too loud. TV-Silencer doesn't work with cellphones because it's powered by the electronic waves it receives from ringing phones.

The IR transmitter on the TV-Silencer has to be facing the TV, VCR, DVD player or other vice that you want to silence. A phone line is then run from your home telephone, to the TV-Silencer. The electronic waves that travel through the phone line will alert the TV-Silencer of incoming calls. The TV-Silencer has to be connected to a battery when trying to program the product with your TV.

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Tv-Silencer Free Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via USPS. Standard shipping and handling rates apply. Deliveries to Connecticut are subject to a $1.68 sales tax.

Tv-Silencer Return Policy

TV-Silencer offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Customers are not refunded for shipping charges, and any refund is issued after the product is returned.

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