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AEO Connected Credit Card Review

American Eagle Outfitters has a great option to earn incredible rewards on their apparel through their store credit card. This article will give you a comprehensive list of perks and tips on using the credit card through Giving Assistant.

Top Perks American Eagle card review

  1. Save an average of 10% on online purchases at American Eagle when you combine savings with your Giving Assistant cash back rewards.
  2. Get $10 off for every 2500 points. Earning points is easy with the American Eagle Outfitters credit card. With every dollar spent, customers will earn 10 points toward a reward. See more details below.
  3. Buy 5 jeans or bras, get one jean or bra free. For every 5 jeans or 5 bras customers purchase, American Eagles gives one free.

Key Details

  • 26.24% interest rate
  • Up to $35 late fees
  • $10 or 3% cash advance fee
  • $1.00 minimum interest fee
  • 23-day interest-free purchases

How the American Eagle Credit Card Point System Works

When you use your American Eagle credit card, you have the opportunity to earn points toward rewards through their website. Here is a breakdown of the point system:

  • For every $1 spent, earn 15 points
  • For every $1 spent elsewhere, earn 5 points (Visa Card holders only)
  • For every 2500 points earned, receive a $10 reward
  • Buy 5 pairs of jeans or 5 bras and get 1 free
  • Rewards are good for 45 days and cannot be redeemed for cash value. However, they can be combined with other rewards as well.

Earning points on the American Eagle credit card is easy. Points are accumulated when cardholders spend money using the card. For every 2500 points earned, customers receive a $10 rewards certificate to be used on any future purchases. For example, if you buy a pair of jeans for $49.95, you can use the certificate to purchase them for only $39.95 plus shipping. You will also earn a reward to use towards a free pair of jeans!

Who is This Credit Card Best For?

The American Eagle credit card is best for shoppers who regularly shop at American Eagle, Aerie online or in stores. Customers receive more points and more rewards when used in store. Using the American Eagle Visa credit card, which can be used at other retailers, can give customers only 5 points instead of 15 by using the card at other retailers.

How to Get an American Eagle Credit Card

An American Eagle Credit card is easy. Just pay a visit to their website and fill out a credit card application form. You’ll be asked for your social security number and income to complete a credit check before the card is issued.

What Else Should I Know About?

The American Eagle Credit Card doesn’t have an annual fee, but there are some fees you should be aware of. The credit card has a high interest rate of 25.24%, so it is best to pay it off before the due date at the end of the month. The minimum interest fee is $1.00, but you have 23 days before the balance is due. By paying off the card before the end of each month, you could avoid $35 in late payment fees!

There are also several transaction fees associated with cash advances through the American Eagle Credit card. A cash advance fee is either $10 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.

The American Eagle Credit Card also has two levels of memberships available with their Connected program. The Easy Access level requires cardholders to spend up to $350 per year to qualify, includes standard free shipping, and a 20% off birthday coupon. The Full Access level has all the same perks, however, you only have to make one purchase per year to qualify. You also receive a 15% birthday coupon.

Tips for Using the American Eagle Credit Card

  1. Pay It Off. Do not let a balance linger on your card, especially with the interest rate as high as 25.24% per month. If you intend to use your card to collect points, it would be best to make small purchases on the American Eagle website to collect the most points for your dollar. Using the American Eagle Visa card at other retailers will only get you half the number of points as purchases from American Eagle.
  2. Watch out for returns. Returning items will be deducted from your points total. If you return jeans or bras, the number of credits toward the free jeans or bras rewards will also be deducted. According to the American Eagle credit card information, if you make a purchase with your rewards, then the balance may drop below zero.
  3. So many rewards opportunities! Cardholders can expect many different rewards for their purchases through the American Eagle credit card. When initially signing up, customers are offered 30% off their first purchase. You can earn 10 points for every dollar spent. Customers also have the opportunity to participate in six special shopping events per year—plus a personal shopping day coupon.

How to Use Your American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card with Giving Assistant

When you go to Giving Assistant you’ll find verified coupons for multiple brands that offer up to 30% savings on select items. By using a Giving Assistant-provided link when you shop you have the potential to earn cash back, save on your purchase price, and get the added benefits from your American Eagle Outfitters credit card when you pay for your purchase.

To get started, you first need to sign up for an account on Giving Assistant. Once enrolled, visit the Giving Assistant American Eagle Outfitters store page here to view the current coupons, promo codes, and deals.

Download the Giving Assistant browser extension called the Button, to automatically populate the highest-value coupons as you visit thousands of online shopping websites.

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