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ShopKo Credit Card Review

Shopko is a chain of over 300 retails stores in 25 states. ShopKo offers clothing, apparel, houseware, home decor, beauty products, electronics, and even market products at many locations.

ShopKo offers a ShopKo credit that provides cash back opportunities when you purchase items. Continue reading to learn about the top perks and key details of the ShopKo credit card. We will also tell you how to use your ShopKo credit card to earn cash back when pairing it with Giving Assistant.

Top PerksShopko card review

  1. Cash Back: Earn 2.5% cash back when you sign up for Giving Assistant and pair it with your ShopKo credit card. Earn up to 5% cash back as a Power Shopper.
  2. First Purchase Reward: Receive a $25 off reward on your first purchase with your ShopKo credit card.
  3. Earn Rewards: Earn gift cards as you use your ShopKo credit card.

Key Details

  • APR: 27.24%
  • No Annual Fee
  • Late Payment: Up to $37
  • Returned Fee: Up to $35

Point System Breakdown

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at ShopKo when you use your ShopKo credit card. Once you have earned 200 points you will be rewarded with a $10 gift card to ShopKo. The gift card will automatically be sent to your mailbox! The ShopKo credit card can only be used at ShopKo and

There are no limits on how many points you can earn and points will never expire.

Who is the SHOPKO Credit Card Best For?

The ShopKo credit card is best for anybody who loves to shop at ShopKo and who would like to earn points as they shop. You can apply for the ShopKo credit card at any ShopKo location or

Is there a ShopKo retail store near you? Check out the store locator here.

What Else Should I Know About?

If you are interested in earning more rewards by shopping at ShopKo, then consider signing up for their Loyalty Rewards program. The Loyalty Rewards program offers many benefits, which include:

  • Receive exclusive offers and discounts
  • Easily track your orders and purchase history
  • Create and maintain an address book of shipping addresses
  • Receive birthday and anniversary coupons
  • TEN$ for 10 CLUB Prescription Rewards

TEN$ for 10 Club: The TEN$ for 10 Club allows you to receive $10 off when you purchase 10 prescriptions from the ShopKo pharmacy.

Tips for Using the SHOPKO credit card

  1. Giving Assistant: Sign up for Giving Assistant and earn cash back when you use your ShopKo credit card. Giving Assistant also offers numerous coupons to ShopKo to save you money.
  2. Shop at ShopKo: Make purchases and earn points when shopping at ShopKo and using your ShopKo credit card.
  3. Sign up for the Email List: Sign up for the ShopKo newsletter to receive deals, upcoming events, and sales directly in your inbox. Once you sign up for the ShopKo mailing list you will also receive a $10 off coupon to be used on purchases of $30 or more.
  4. Check out the Weekly Flyer: Each week ShopKo publishes a weekly flyer containing the best deals for the week. Check out the flyer to save money on some awesome products!

How to Use Your ShopKo Credit Card with Giving Assistant

When you go to Giving Assistant you’ll find verified coupons for multiple brands that offer up to 30% savings on select items. By using a Giving Assistant-provided link when you shop you have the potential to earn cash back, save on your purchase price, and get the added benefits from your ShopKo credit card when you pay for your purchase.

To get started, you first need to sign up for an account on Giving Assistant. Once enrolled, visit the Giving Assistant ShopKo store page here to view the current coupons, promo codes, and deals.

Download the Giving Assistant browser extension called the Button, to automatically populate the highest-value coupons as you visit thousands of online shopping websites.

Maximize your rewards earnings and saving potential by combining your ShopKo Credit Card with discount codes and offers found at Giving Assistant today!

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