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Target Store Credit Card Review

The Target REDcard offers a variety of benefits, discounts, and other perks to their cardholders, and not just within their stores. Anyone who has been to Target has no doubt seen or read the pamphlets advertising a 5% discount for each sopping trip.

This article will explore the finer details of becoming a REDcard member, the money-back opportunities, and some other important program rules you need to know.

Top PerksTarget card review

  1. 5% discount on almost all items: One of the biggest attractions to the REDcard is the 5% discount members enjoy on almost all items, either in store or online. When coupled with Target’s Cartwheel app, cardholders can enjoy savings of almost 50%, depending on the item.
  2. Free Shipping: Shipping is free on almost all items when members make purchases with their REDcard. In addition, cardholders can take advantage of the extended return policy. Cardholders can receive an extra 30 days to return items purchased online or in store.
  3. Early access to sales: One of the newest benefits available to REDcard holders is the ability to enjoy exclusive promotions and sales available through the recently unveiled “early access” feature online. Shopping holidays such as Black Friday were included in this promotion in 2017.

Key Details

  • 90% variable interest rate
  • $0 annual fee
  • $27 returned payment fee
  • $38 late payment fee
  • Up to 25 days interest-free period
  • $1 minimum interest
  • Online management feature that can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet

Additional Savings

The Target REDcard differs from other store credit cards in that there is no points system to take advantage of. The discount of 5% is applied directly to the purchase. However, Target does offer additional benefits to members who use their REDcard, such as 5% off Starbucks purchases made in-store at various Target locations. Target also encourages its members to couple purchases with allowed coupons and their Cartwheel app to maximize the money-saving experience.

The online management feature not only allows users to view statements and pay bills, but it also allows users to set up account alerts, manage and set your PIN, and also add authorized users to the account.

REDcard variations

Target offers two options for prospective REDcard members: the debit card and the credit card. The REDcard debit card acts like a true debit card in that you can connect it to your checking account. You can also enjoy a maximum $40 cash withdrawal using the debit card.

On the other hand, the REDcard credit card is a traditional credit card. Billing statements can either be accessed online or sent via snail mail. You can also pay your bill online through the online platform.

Who is the REDcard program best for?

Due to their vast selection of items, this card is best for those who do a good portion of their shopping at Target. Because the 5% discount applies to nearly every item, including groceries, household décor, and much more, people can take advantage of this one-stop shopping model while saving money in the process. This card is also beneficial to those who make use of and want to enjoy the added perks of free shipping on certain items and the extended 30-day return policy.

However, due to the relatively higher interest rate, it makes sense to pay the card off at each billing cycle. The 23.90% rate could actually serve to hurt cardholders if they go too long without paying off their final balance. In the end, the 5% discount might not even be worth it.

The Fine Print

It is important to take note of the exclusions when it comes to the 5% discount. Members cannot utilize this discount to pay for other gift cards or prepaid cards, prescriptions, eye exams or towards any credit card payments.

Target also does not offer a 0% APR introductory period, unlike other credit cards. While the interest rate is high, Target does offer a 25-day forgiveness period to pay off that balance.

According to their website, the 30-day return extension does not extend to mobile purchases or purchases that are advertised as non-returnable.

How to apply for a REDcard

If you would like to apply for a REDcard credit card, click on this link. In order to apply, you must be 18 years of age or older and have an address that is based in the United States. You will also need your Social Security number as well as a valid driver’s license or another allowed form of ID (state or military ID). You will also be asked questions about your income, expenses, and employment.

If you would like to apply for the debit card, you can click here. In order to apply, you must be 18 years of age or older and link the card to a checking account that is based in the United States. You will also need your Social Security number, a valid driver’s license or another allowed form of ID (state or military ID); your checking account number and the corresponding routing number.


Due to the high interest rate of 23.90% and the low minimum payment, it is suggested that you pay off your credit card balance quickly so as not to accumulate credit card debt. Be sure to consider your financial situation before applying for any credit cards.

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