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Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Review

Since the late 1970s, Victoria’s Secret has been one of the primary leaders in women’s lingerie. In recent years, they have expanded their repertoire to include not only intimate wear, but also nightwear, yoga sets, athletic wear, swimwear, and a host of accessories.

If you find yourself browsing the Victoria’s Secret website or lingering a bit longer in front of their store, or if you are a loyal shopper already, you might want to consider their Angel Credit Card program, which comes packed with special promotions, benefits, and an easy-to-understand rewards accumulation system.

This article will discuss how you can go about becoming an Angel cardholder, as well as what benefits are available to you and how to best utilize your points.

Top PerksVictoria’s Secret card review

  1. 1 point earned for every $1 spent on Victoria’s Secret Angel merchandise. For every 250 points you accumulate, Victoria’s Secret will give you a special reward.
  2. A gift on your birthday for each year that your account remains active and in good standing.
  3. Free shipping on orders that include bras when you enter the promo code JUST4ANGELS. This offer also includes orders that feature discount and clearance bras. The code must be entered upon checkout on their site.

Key Details of the Angel Credit Card

  • 24% interest rate
  • $0 annual fee
  • $1 minimum interest charge
  • $37 late payment fee
  • $25 returned payment fee
  • 25-day grace period on a late payment

Rewards Program

As stated above, 1 point earned on the purchase of Victoria’s Secret merchandise equates to $1. Once you have accumulated 250 points, you will receive a $10 reward if you are an Angel VIP member and a $15 reward if you are a Forever Angel member (see the tier breakdown below). This reward will feature a certificate value and number. If you are shopping online, simply enter in the required field before making your purchase.

Angel Card Tiers

New applicants start off at the first tier of Angel status, which is a regular cardholder. Once a cardholder accumulates 500 points in a 12-month period, he/she will automatically be upgraded to the second tier, which is known as Angel VIP Status. Cardholders will also receive a $10 reward just for the upgrade! Those with Angel VIP Status can take advantage of all three top perks listed above, plus special insider and early access to promotions and sales.

Once a cardholder accumulates 1,000 points in a 12-month period, Victoria’s Secret will automatically upgrade him/her again, this time to the Forever Angel Status. Forever Angel cardholders take advantage of everything an Angel VIP would enjoy, plus a special gift for each year cardholders participate in that particular program tier.

The Fine Print

On the credit card statement, the total minimum payment is $27. This means that if your bill is less than $27 at the end of the cycle, then you must pay the amount in full.

Regarding the Secret Angel Rewards Program, unfortunately the points you accumulate will not last forever. Points expire exactly 12 months from the day you earned them. If you don’t redeem them for Angel merchandise within that time frame, you will lose them forever. You will also lose your points if your account is deemed inactive (meaning you haven’t made any purchases) in 12 months.


Victoria’s Secret takes cardmember security seriously, which is why all personal information is encrypted on their website. While you can log on and check your account from any device, such as a laptop or a Smartphone, you may be prompted to provide additional information should you log in with a device you haven’t used before.

Victoria’s Secret also lets you add an authorized user to your account. If any changes are made to the account, users will receive an email alert.


Due to the 12-month expiration term placed on points, this card is ideal for shoppers who know they will be making purchases from Victoria’s Secret a few times a year. 250 points, which yields you the $10 reward, is pretty accessible, especially for those who find their wardrobe must-haves to include Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

The interest rate, however, might be a deterrent to those who have trouble making their payments on time. At 26.24%, this is not an ideal card for those who are consistently late in paying their bills. If your credit score is in good standing and you are proactive about making your payments, then the Angel Card program would be a suitable one for you.

How to Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you would like to apply for a Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card online, click on this link. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a U.S. address, a valid government-issued photo ID, and your Social Security number or Tax ID number. You will also be required to provide annual income. Once you have filled out the required information, choose your credit card design!

If you would like to apply for a credit card at your local Victoria’s Secret store, click on this link to find the nearest location to you. You will need all of the identification documents listed above. Once you have applied for and been accepted as a cardholder, you can begin using your Victoria’s Secret Angel card on their website or at any Victoria’s Secret, PINK, or Bath & Body Works stores.

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