Giving Assistant helps nonprofits do more.

At over 3000 brands, Giving Assistant shoppers earn cash back and donate it to nonprofits they love—like you.

Grow bigger, faster

Grow bigger, faster

When giving fits into more people’s lives, more people give. Reach your fundraising goals faster, increase recurring donations, and gain new donors.

Shop, save... raise

Shop, save... raise

Raise money with each purchase your supporters—and you—make. Nonprofits earn 2x cash back, turning your work-related shopping into bonus funds.

Always connected

Always connected

When they shop, they’ll think of you. By making your mission part of their everyday lives, your community will care more, give more…and stick around longer.

How it works

  • At over 3,000 online brands (like Macy’s, Target, and more), our shoppers earn cash back and automatically donate it to the nonprofits—and Classy fundraisers!—they love.
  • Just copy, paste, and share your custom Giving Assistant fundraising page to grow donations. No fussy, new tools. No time-consuming new marketing.
How it works in numbers
Peer-to-peer by Classy

Peer-to-peer by Classy

Giving Assistant pairs with Classy to help you support your fundraisers’ campaigns!

  • What is peer-to-peer fundraising? Individual folks running fundraising campaigns on your behalf. Read more about peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Easy tracking. Your Giving Assistant dashboard shows you how much cash back has been donated to each campaign.
  • More campaign wins. Shopping (and saving!) to benefit a campaign is easy and fun—and every win boosts fundraisers’ confidence.


What some organizations are saying about us:

First Descents

$1,135.50 raised to date

Giving Assistant has changed the game when it comes to fundraising! Their platform has allowed First Descents to extend the healing power of adventure to a record number of young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. Fundraising has never been easier for our community.

Read more
Picture of Anna Kenyon
Anna Kenyon
Marketing Coordinator
Pencils Of Promise

$48,370.251 raised to date

We love finding new and easy ways for people to support Pencils of Promise. Giving Assistant is simple and fun, and they’re already over halfway to funding a full school build with PoP!

Read more
Picture of Natlie Ebel
Natlie Ebel
Director of Marketing

$280,417.26 raised to date

Through Giving Assistant, we’ve been able to raise almost a quarter of a million dollars in additional donations. That has allowed us to fund loans for two thousand people that otherwise would not have been financed.

Read more
Picture of Julia Kurnia
Julia Kurnia
Team Rubicon

$18,623.03 raised to date

We are grateful for the support of Giving Assistant. This is a fantastic opportunity. These donations will enable us to continue our global effort to harness the skills of military veterans to help people on their worst day. Going forward, we’re excited to have not only the support of Giving Assistant, but also of their shoppers who believe in our mission.

Read more
Picture of William McNulty
William McNulty
Team Rubicon Global CEO
Camp Kesem

$17,791.98 raised to date

We are so grateful for our partnership with Giving Assistant and their impactful support of children touched by a parent’s cancer. The need for Kesem’s services is far-reaching and touches every corner of our country. The donations we receive from Giving Assistant and their shoppers allows us to open new Camp Kesem chapters and support more children who can benefit from our services.

Read more
Picture of Jane Saccaro
Jane Saccaro
Zero fees. Zero fuss.

Zero fees. Zero fuss.

Giving Assistant was designed to help you do more, faster—by folks who know nonprofits.

  • We’re 100% free. No fees or commissions.
  • Time (and stress) saving. From your customizable, pre-made Giving Assistant fundraising page, to pre-written social media and email templates, we’ve done the work for you.
  • Low-maintenance. Just check in to see how much you’ve raised, or to copy, paste, and share your fundraising page link.
  • Peek at our Nonprofits Media Kit to learn more about other exciting partnership opportunities with Giving Assistant.
Zero fees. Zero fuss.

Zidisha raised over $250k in 18 months.

Certified B Corporation

B Corps are companies that pass a rigorous assessment measuring their impact on the environment, their employees, their customers, and their communities. One of fewer than 3,000 companies in the world to achieve this distinction, Giving Assistant is committed to transparency, accountability, goodwill, and leading by example. Learn about why we became a B Corporation!

Certified B Corporation

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Frequently asked questions

How does Giving Assistant work?

Partnering with Giving Assistant provides nonprofits and charitable organizations with a more consistent, long-term model to increase contributions, simply by employing the power and reliability of e-commerce.

Here’s how it works:

  • Millions of users shop at 2,396 of the biggest online retailers with Giving Assistant.
  • Those shoppers earn cash back on their purchases.
  • They donate their cash back directly to your organization.

What do you need to do?

  1. Claim your page.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Let your supporters know that they can use Giving Assistant to help your mission.

When does my organization receive a check?

We send your first donation as an eCheck within 7 days of your email address verification, typically on a Monday. After that, we send donation eChecks four times a year, after every quarter: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st.

Who determines the amount in donations we receive?

Our members do! They select the percentage of their earned cash back that they wish to donate.

How does Giving Assistant make money?

Giving Assistant doubles as both a loyalty program and a coupon marketplace. We make a commission on coupons used from our site and any purchases made at stores who do not offer cash back to our members.

What types of organizations are eligible to participate?

As long as your organization is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3, you can participate.