Why Did My Nonprofit Receive A Giving Assistant Email?

Why did a Giving Assistant founder make a donation to my nonprofit?

Typically, nonprofits' first cash back donations on our platform are organic, donated by online shoppers. However, sometimes we reach out to new nonprofits who don't currently have any cash back donations, often because their supporters don't know they can use Giving Assistant to donate yet.

For the latter case, our founders have allocated funds that we voluntarily donate to the nonprofit so they can see how the platform works in real time. By their nature, these donations are considered personal, not corporate. Furthermore—in spite of the fact that the key purpose of this incentive donation is to show you how the platform works—it is nevertheless made in earnest, and is yours to keep.

Okay. But we have no association with your company at all, so how did you get these donations?

If you're officially registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service, your nonprofit's name is listed in a public database. Anyone can discover your organization via this database, including our shoppers and other interested donors.

Nonprofits' first donations via our platform have originated from different channels over the course of our company's growth. Today, you'll find they originate from shoppers, or personally, from one of Giving Assistant's five founders.

For many nonprofits, their first donations come directly from shoppers eager to use Giving Assistant to support a cause they care about. When that happens, our foremost goal is to get every cent of every donation entrusted to us securely into that nonprofit's hands. Our amazing Nonprofit Partnerships Manager are great at this!

Alternatively, for organizations who have not yet received any cash back donations from shoppers, one of Giving Assistant's founders will volunteer to make an initial donation. (A “Hello!” donation, if you will.) This initial donation, made in earnest, gives nonprofits a chance to see how Giving Assistant works. As with our shoppers' donations, there are no strings attached. It's a real donation, and it's really yours.

What happens if we don't respond to Giving Assistant's email, or if we reject the donations?

We work very hard to connect with, and establish a secure relationship with the nonprofits our shoppers are trying to donate to—even if it takes a few months. If the nonprofit is unresponsive, or unable or unwilling to verify their identity, then we return every dime back to the individual donors. It's only right.

Does Giving Assistant earn any profits from our charitable donations?

Never. As a B Corp, we take our responsibility and reputation seriously. Therefore, we will never take commissions or interest from your donations, sell your information, or even ask for your credit card number.

What's the difference between Giving Assistant and Amazon Smile?

Giving Assistant's breadth and capabilities as a fundraising tool notably outweigh Amazon Smile's. Check out this side-by-side comparison:

Amazon Smile logoGiving Assistant logo
Raises $0.05 for every $10 spentAn average 10% of sales transforms into charitable donations. (10x more!)
1 retailer: AmazonOver 3,000 major retailers
No cash backCash back 2x standard rates*
No donation doublingDonations doubled*
Less intentional givingShoppers are intentional, engaged givers
No dedicated support teamLive support from special Nonprofit Partnerships Manager, and from a B Corp committed to a culture of giving

*for Power Shoppers

Is Giving Assistant partnered with any well-known organizations?
We work with thousands of amazing nonprofits. Here are few you might recognize:

  • SPCA International
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Marine Conservation Institute
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights Inc.
  • 11 Boys & Girls Club chapters

You can also check out these success stories:

Sesame Street Yellow Feather Fund Pencils of Promise Camp Kesem Tostan Zidisha Team Rubicon Global

Who's behind Giving Assistant?

Giving Assistant is a San Francisco-based startup founded 3 years ago by 5 human beings who wear their big ol' hearts on their sleeves. Today, we're a diverse, fast-growing team of 27 dog-cuddling, kombucha-drinking, cupcake-eating, nonprofit-loving, go-getters, obsessed with giving back.

  • Combined, we have almost 35 years' experience working at nonprofits.
  • 14 of us have volunteered abroad, or created a fundraiser for a nonprofit.
  • 3 of us have worked at other B Corps.
  • We enjoy 2 company-wide volunteer days per year.
  • 12 of us have pets. (Ziggy is Chief Belly-Rub Officer.)
  • 100% of us use Giving Assistant to support a nonprofit.
Group photo of Giving Assistant team

Here's a few of the nonprofits our Giving Assistant team members donate to:

“Kiva is my nonprofit of choice. They connect people all over the world with affordable microloans so they can create opportunities for themselves and their families. They give borrowers a hand up, not a handout.”

Picture of Alison Edwards Alison Edwards
Loyalty Manager

“I donate to Lotus Outreach. Their #1 mission is to ensure the health, education, and safety for at-risk young girls and women in developing worlds, primarily India and Cambodia. They provide multiple services like counseling sex trade survivors to prevent mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide. They also design educational agendas for each individual for future economic and financial empowerment.”

Picture of Emily Hodges Emily Hodges
Marketing Communications Manager

“I was diagnosed with colitis when I was 19, and it profoundly changed my life. That's why I give back to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. I like knowing that I'm supporting a nonprofit who is collecting research to find a cure for my community.”

Picture of Caroline Vivat Caroline Vivat
Nonprofit Partnerships Manager

“All of my family's amazing dogs have come from the Hawaiian Humane Society. Supporting them helps me feel connected to my home, even when I'm 2,400 miles away.”

Picture of Amanda Chun Amanda Chun
Nonprofit Partnerships Manager

“I support Global Glimpse. They send on-the-road-to-success youths from different backgrounds abroad to further develop their leadership skills. My moments of travel are a huge part of my identity, and I really believe these kids will gain great opportunities from Global Glimpse's initiatives.”

Picture of James Gray James Gray

“KeepABreast.org has helped with breast cancer prevention in both women and men for 18 years worldwide. I love knowing that I'm giving back to them every time I make a big or small purchase through Giving Assistant.”

Picture of Lauren Makiyevskiy Lauren Makiyevskiy
Director of Partnerships

And don't forget: we're also a Certified B Corp. It's a big responsibility, and we don't take it lightly.

How can my nonprofit sign up with with Giving Assistant?
You can sign up here. If you have any more questions, please send an email to charity@givingassistant.org. We'd love to hear from you!

Start receiving donations & donor email addresses.