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Sifting through over 3 years of kind words from 17,000 happy nonprofits wasn't easy. Choosing our favorites? Even harder. Thankfully—from helping nonprofits exceed their fundraising goals, to achieving our coveted B Corp—we're always up for a challenge. We hope you'll be as inspired by these testimonials as we are.

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We love finding new and easy ways for people to support Pencils of Promise. Giving Assistant is simple and fun, and they're already over halfway to funding a whole school building with PoP.

Picture of Natalie Ebel

Natalie Ebel
Director of Marketing, Pencils of Promise

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We are grateful for the support of Giving Assistant. This is a fantastic opportunity. These donations will enable us to continue our global effort to harness the skills of military veterans to help people on their worst day. Going forward, we're excited to have not only the support of Giving Assistant, but also of their shoppers who believe in our mission.

Picture of William McNulty

William McNulty
CEO, Team Rubicon Global

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We had been trying so hard to raise donations from individuals and foundations. It was surprising how easy, and how big of an impact Giving Assistant has had on us.

Picture of Julia Kurnia

Julia Kurnia
Founder, Zidisha

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Supporters of Tostan are part of our global family. Like our communities in West Africa, they form a collective that is joyfully in pursuit of a common goal: dignity for all. We are so thankful that Giving Assistant has joined this family.

Picture of Molly Melching

Molly Melching
CEO, Tostan

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We are so grateful for our partnership with Giving Assistant and their impactful support of children touched by a parent's cancer. The need for Kesem's services is far-reaching and touches every corner of our country. The donations we receive from Giving Assistant and their shoppers allow us to open new Camp Kesem chapters and support more children who can benefit from our services.

Picture of Jane Saccaro

Jane Saccaro
CEO, Camp Kesem

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Our Giving Assistant experience has been great. When users shop at your many popular stores, our organization enjoys a nice return. The support we receive through Giving Assistant is helpful in boosting our year-end donations. We also really appreciate your focus on giving to charities and nonprofits that are working to protect our world!

Picture of Matt Coomer

Matt Coomer
Comm. Coordinator, Marine Conservation Institute

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We're so excited about our partnership with Giving Assistant. Our mission is to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder, and this is a wonderful way for people to support us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in the U.S. and around the world.

Picture of Diana Polvere

Diana Polvere
VP of Annual Giving, Sesame Workshop

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