Is Giving Assistant Safe? Yes!

Online shoppers use Giving Assistant to save money at 3,000+ stores and donate to charities at the same time. We offer high cash back rates (sometimes double) and are on track to raise $17 million for nonprofits by 2020.

Some people think that sounds too good to be true. We hear you! Read on.

Is Giving Assistant safe? (Legit? Trustworthy? For real?)

Yep. We do what we say we do, we're getting better at it, and we're growing really fast.

Where do the cash back and donations come from?

They both come from sales commissions we earn and share with you. It's like this:

  1. You spend $10 at The Hat Store using our browser extension. (Nice hat! Looks good on you.)
  2. The Hat Store thanks us for sending them business by paying us $2. (Sales commissions.)
  3. We give that $2 back to you. (Cash back. Get it?)
  4. You donate some, or all of it, to your cause.

Okay. So, how do you make money?

Over 3,000 trusted, big-name retailers—like Macy's, Target, Apple, and Home Depot—pay us for sending them business.

How do you keep my sensitive information safe?

For both shoppers and nonprofits, we take security extremely seriously.

  1. We don't sell anyone's data—ever.
  2. We disburse nonprofits' donations quarterly (rather than weekly or monthly) to reduce fraud risks.
  3. We boast a superhero arsenal of advanced, anything-but-cheap, security technologies.

What kind of advanced security technologies? (I'm fluent in Tech-speak.)

  • 256-bit encrypted SSL on every interaction, issued and validated by Comodo: a well-trusted antivirus software with TLS
  • Our platform's infrastructure is behind an Amazon AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • All databases are encrypted and protected behind multiple layers of our stack
  • No need for PCI compliance, as we store no PII that warrants it
  • Legacy Debit Cards stored via 3rd party service (Spreedly) which is PCI DDS Level 1 Certified

Who's behind Giving Assistant?

A fast-growing, diverse team of 27 dog-cuddling, kombucha-drinking, cupcake-eating, nonprofit-loving, go-getters, obsessed with giving back.

Nice! Tell me more.

Happy to! Giving Assistant is a 3-year-old startup based in San Francisco. It was founded by 5 human beings who wear their big ol' hearts on their sleeves. A few other fun facts:

  • Combined, we have almost 35 years' experience working at nonprofits.
  • 14 of us have volunteered abroad, or created a fundraiser for a nonprofit.
  • 3 of us have worked at other B Corps.
  • We enjoy 2 company-wide volunteer days per year.
  • 12 of us have pets. (Ziggy is Chief Belly-Rub Officer.)
  • 100% of us use Giving Assistant to support a nonprofit.
Group photo of Giving Assistant team

Oh, and we're a Certified B Corp. It's a big responsibility, and we don't take it lightly.

What if I have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page, or send an email to We'll reply to it within 48 hours.

This feels great. Where do I sign up?

Shoppers, click here. Nonprofits, click here. Let's change the world!

Start receiving donations & donor email addresses.