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Giving Assistant – Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize there are a lot of open questions about changes that have happened at Giving Assistant in the past year so we wanted to fill in the blanks as much as possible to close the loop for users. Here are the 7 things you need to know about about Giving Assistant:


Giving Assistant – What Happened?


The corporate entity, Giving Assistant Inc. PBC based in San Francisco, CA, ceased operations in November 2021 by order of the Board of Directors. This means that the company was set for liquidation and all employees were let go immediately. The company assets were placed in trust with Ueker and Associates of San Francisco. Their job was to sell all the assets associated with Giving Assistant Inc. PBC and use the proceeds to settle all outstanding debts owed. To that end, the givingassistant.org domain was sold in an auction process in 2022.  


Upright Data Inc., a Manhattan Beach, CA based company, purchased the givingassistant.org domain and became the new owner and operator of the site as of May 2022.  While Giving Assistant Inc. PBC no longer exists, the site givingassistant.org will continue to operate for the foreseeable future under management of Upright Data.


Who is Upright Data?


Upright Data is a newly formed technology & advertising company led by a team that is committed to creating a better online shopping experience for consumers while also protecting their privacy. Upright Data is launching additional coupon-based sites to build a portfolio of affiliate sites. Regarding the Giving Assistant property, our aim is to restore the social and philanthropic consciousness that the domain carries with it. We are excited to rebuild the brand.


What Does Givingassistant.org Do These Days?


Coupons. Coupons. Coupons. Givingassistant.org is a premier marketplace for coupons, deals and promo codes. We have over 4,000 top merchants to explore on our website. We also create a variety of shopping content from trends, tips, and insights. The biggest difference is that Upright Data properties do not offer cashback. While we have no plans to reinstate this functionality on givingassistant.org, we are exploring alternative ways of providing loyalty incentives to our users in the future.


Cashback – What Happened To My Account?


When Giving Assistant Inc, PBC was liquidated, the task of settling all cashback accounts was given to the trustee at Ueker and Associates of San Francisco. If you were a cash back customer and had an active account , you should have received a message from the trustee regarding filing a claim for the balance of your account. 


Unfortunately, if you haven’t filed a claim by May 2022 then it is likely too late to get your money back. Checks for claims were mailed out to users by the trustee in August 2022.


What Happened To My Personal Data?


After Ueker and Associates closed out accounts and remitted payment to creditors, all personally identifiable data was destroyed by the trustee in a supervised process run by Maryman & Associates, a Los Angeles based digital investigation and forensics company.  Upright Data does not have any personal data collected before it took control of the givingassistant.org in May 2022. There is no need to request to have your data purged; It has already happened.


Charities – What Happened To All The Donations?


Ueker and Associates ran a process to contact all charities that were owed money by Giving Assistant Inc. PBC. They have since settled all accounts with outstanding balances or undelivered funds.

Is Giving Assistant Still Committed To Giving Back?


Yes. Upright Data is exploring different avenues for the right vehicle for philanthropy. We have found that the cashback model used by previous management is not a sustainable or consistent way of doing this. To that end, we are looking for ways we can systemize the giving back model by ingraining it in the way we do business. We hope to have the model settled by 2023.


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