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5 Easy Ways To Save at Glossier.com

Glossier is one beauty brand that has been trending on repeat. When browsing social media, beauty magazines, or store shelves it’s hard not to find a Glossier product advertised as the hot new item. The good news for you is that we’ve found five ways you can save money at glossier.com, so you too can enjoy these must-have beauty products.

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Get the Latest Glossier Coupons From Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant always has the latest coupons to use towards purchases at many online retailers, including Glossier. Find a Glossier.com coupon to save money on your next order of skincare solutions, makeup, body products, and more. 


Scroll down towards the bottom of the Giving Assistant page to find the “verified” coupons where other users have tested them with successful outcomes. While you can try the ones that are not marked as verified, your best bet is to try one of the coupons that have the blue check mark with that work on the coupon post. 

Open the Mystery Offer for Surprise Savings

When you log on to the website for the first time, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to unveil a mystery offer. You can choose the black button that shows the coupon’s discount, or close the window. 


Don’t close out this pop-out window. As a first-time shopper, you need all the savings you can get. Depending on the mystery offer that you are given, you could receive between 10% to 20% off your order. 


Write your email in the box provided to redeem the mystery offer and click submit. Once confirmed, watch for the coupon offer to hit your email so you can begin shopping immediately. You have also opted into the Glossier newsletter list by signing up for this mystery offer. Watch this email for updates on sales and coupon offers that Glossier may send you.  

Get Free Shipping on Orders Costing $40 

Rather than buy one or two things under $40, purchase merchandise that amounts to $40 or more before taxes. Depending on your address in the United States, ground shipping for orders under $40 can cost about $5.95. Expedited shipping is $20, and rush shipping is $25, which is way overpriced if you are already on a budget. 


Carefully browse the inventory to see what you may need to enhance your beauty routine. Depending on the current sales and price points, you should be able to find at least two to three items that accumulate to $40 or more. 

Shop Sets and Kits

Browse Glossier’s sets and kits page to find savings on your favorite beauty products by purchasing them in bulk. Purchasing one of the kits can help you to save $3 to $10 on the products in the set as a whole compared to purchasing them separately. 


Choose from mascara, foundation, and lipstick sets from different brands. If you are brand loyal to one of their product lines, opting for a kit is the best way to shave a few dollars off your purchase. 

Budget by Purchasing a Digital Gift Card

Give yourself a designated budget by filling your monthly or bi-monthly budget onto a digital gift card. Once you have used all these funds, do not purchase anything until you can fill these funds onto another digital gift card in the next one to two months or even six months. 


The highest that an electronic gift card can hold is $200 with other higher denominations including $75, $100, and $150. Choose your budget based on what you have available to spend amongst your discretionary income and the pre-set values on the digital gift card page. 


Even if you go a while without purchasing beauty products, the gift card will never expire. Be sure to save the code in your email or write it down and put it with your other gift cards so you do not lose the code. 

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