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5 Stylish Ways to Save Big At Garageclothing.com

Online shopping is fun, but it can be difficult to save. We have your Garage Clothing discount needs covered. 


Online shopping


1. Start With Giving Assistant Coupon Codes

Begin your savings journey on Garage Clothing by visiting the Giving Assistant coupon website. You can find the most recent Garageclothing.com coupon code that will save you money on your next purchase. 


While some codes are tested and verified, others are not. However, you can try an unverified code and find success with it working to dock money off your cart’s total. 

2. Sign Up for the Garage Studio Loyalty Program

Download the Garage Clothing store app to opt into their loyalty program and instantly receive five ways that you can redeem a 25% off offer. With many versatile options, there are multiple ways to save on your Garage Clothing purchase. 


When you complete your loyalty program profile, you will get a 10% off coupon. If you shop at Garage or Dynamite and spend $50 or more over two trips, you will get a 20% off coupon. You can also either shop one or another, but do two separate trips with one on the app, website, or in-store and the other time using another one of those three options. 


If you spend between $200 to $499 during a year, you will receive 20% off your next purchase. Buy $500 worth of merchandise in one year for a 25% off coupon code for your next visit. 


When you earn all four badges by doing everything explained above, you can keep earning coupons. For every additional $200 or more after earning these badges, you earn another 25% off coupon. 


General members who are still working on their four badges receive:

  • 30% off birthday coupon
  • Early access to Garage Clothing sales. 
  • Personalized recommendations as you shop. 
  • Exclusive offers


VIP members have achieved all four badges and qualify for the VIP Renewable Badge yearly. People who hit this tier get: 

  • Everything that the general members receive. 
  • Free shipping on orders $10 or more. 
  • 30% off coupon to celebrate when you hit VIP status. 
  • More offers and access to exclusive Garage Clothing events. 

3. Shop the Current Sale

Whether you find a coupon code that works for you or not, Garage Clothing hosts great sales on its products. Some sales may be style-specific such as a percentage off on jeans or a certain style of top. Certain deals may have a requirement to purchase one item to get the other for a discount. 


Other sales are usually a percentage off on many products across the website or already-discounted merchandise. Sales rotate every so often, so check the newsletter in your email for regular updates on when the sales change. 

4. Shop the Last Chance Section 

The Last Chance section has tops, bottoms, sweaters, and jackets marked down as low as they can go with upwards of 30% to 70% off the original ticketed price. Shopping out of season can give you the most savings that you can also stack with available coupons that you have from earning your loyalty program badges. Stretch your dollar and combine shopping Last Chance deals with coupon offers to get the most money-saving opportunities. 


Visit this section during the winter to purchase discount bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops. Alternatively, you can visit this section again during the summer to purchase discounted sweaters, jeans, and long-sleeve tees to get ready for the upcoming fall and winter. 

5. Budget By Purchasing A Gift Card First

Keep yourself accountable for your clothing budget by first purchasing a Garage Clothing gift card with your designated budget on it for the month or six months. Once you exhaust your budget, do not refill the gift card or purchase more clothes with another form of payment until your budget period is up. 


Follow this tactic, especially when you only have a limited budget. It may be alluring to spend a lot of money to achieve all four badges in the loyalty program but remain in touch with your budget at all times. 


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