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5 Ways to Save At Doordash.com

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Sometimes the easiest way to get dinner is by ordering takeout, but delivery can be expensive, especially if you live far from the restaurant you’re craving. Luckily, Doordash has plenty of options that can help you save money while still getting your favorite dishes.

1. Log On to Giving Assistant to Find Current Deals

Find a DoorDash code on the Giving Assistant website. Receive 10% to 50% off your order depending on the available promo codes.

While many promotions are for first-time account holders, there are also promotions such as $5 off your next two pick-up orders. Some codes even allow you to save money when you buy the annual DashPass for the first time or renew your yearly plan.

Deals are updated every month. Hence, you can rest knowing you have access to the most current tested coupon codes.

2. Sign Up for DashPass

Maybe you do not have a vehicle to get you to your favorite
establishments. Perhaps you have a super busy schedule and it’s hard to cook a meal or grab the general goods you need for home right after a long day at work.

Enter the DoorDash DashPass, which is best for those who frequently order delivery to their home whether from restaurants or local convenience stores. Costing about $10 per month, you get fee-free delivery on all your orders. Making at least two orders a month pays for your DashPass alone.

For example, some restaurants charge a $1.99 or $3.99 delivery fee on top of service fees, taxes, and tips to the driver. However, since you will be ordering multiple times throughout the month anyway, you can save on delivery fees by signing up for DashPass. Save an extra $2 per month on DashPass by paying $96 for the annual plan rather than $9.99 for the monthly plan.

DashPass holders also receive:
5% DoorDash credit when you pick up orders yourself.
Member-exclusive deals and offers as a DashPass holder.
Half-price on DashPass plans if you are a college student.

3. Find In-App Deals

Sometimes different deals are going on in the DoorDash app. All you have to do is look for them. If you are not sure what to eat, you can browse the current deals to find ways to save while also ordering a delicious meal you and your family will love.

When you log on to your DoorDash app, find the gray near the middle of the screen that helps you to navigate the app faster. One of them says “Offers”. You may see deals such as spending $30 to save $5 on a specific restaurant or saving 15% from ordering from a fast food joint.

Opting to shop the in-app deals can help you to put that savings towards the tip you give your DoorDash Driver. Never forget to tip your driver!

4. Sign Up for a New Account

New account holders instantly receive 20% off their first order as well as fee-free delivery on all orders $10 and above without having to purchase DashPass. The free delivery promotion is valid for the first 30 days of becoming a new DoorDash account holder.

If you do not find any food deals that you like on the app and you have multiple adults in the home, the other person can sign up on DoorDash to take advantage of the first-time account holder deal.

5. Refer Friends and Get $5 in DoorDash Credit

When you refer a friend to DoorDash using a unique link from your account, you can earn $5 in credit toward your next order. Once your friend signs up for a DoorDash account and places their first order, the $5 credit will be deposited into your account in the DoorDash credits section. If you have many friends who have not tried DoorDash yet, you can maybe get an entire meal for free thanks to referring friends to the app.


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