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Get To Know Booking.com – 9 Facts

Booking.com is a popular third-party travel site that allows you to browse hotels, rental cars, flights, and more through their secure site. If you’re thinking about booking aspects of your vacation through Booking.com, here are some of the most common things other travelers are wondering about the platform. 

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How Long Has Booking.com Been Around?

Booking.com is a Dutch travel agency with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They’ve been open since 1996 and have had millions of listings since launching. They’ve helped millions of people book vacations in one space and get the best deals possible.

Are Booking.com and Expedia the Same Thing?

Booking.com and Expedia aren’t the same. While they are very similar in many aspects, like offering discounted hotels, rental cars, flights, and more, they are two competing companies. 

How Do I Speak With Someone at Booking.com?

If you have questions about using Booking.com or about a reservation you’ve made, you have three options to speak with someone at Booking.com. You can visit their customer service page and choose to contact someone via message, phone call, or get information to contact the property directly for specific questions. 

Can Someone Else Use My Booking.com Account?

You can allow someone else to use your Booking.com account if you choose, but most will advise against it. Unless you trust the person you’re letting use your Booking.com account, you shouldn’t let them have your username or password to book through the site. 


You shouldn’t necessarily let someone else use your Booking.com account because if they book through your account and something happens to the hotel, rental car, etc., you’re responsible for the damages.

Can Booking.com Be Trusted?

You can trust Booking.com. They’ve been around for years now, and millions of people trust them to book various aspects of their vacation without issues. Even when there are issues, Booking.com is professional and will handle the situation promptly. 

Is It Hard To Cancel With Booking.com?

Some people believe it’s a little difficult to cancel with Booking.com. Whether it’s easy or hard to cancel with Booking.com depends heavily on which hotels and companies you booked with through the platform. 


You’ll log into your account, head to the reservations page, and then request a cancellation. You should hear back within a day or two if they can process the cancellation. 

Does Booking.com Collect Damage Deposits?

No, they don’t. If the hotel you’re staying at requires a damage deposit that can be refunded upon checkout, you’ll handle that directly with the hotel. 

Why Is Booking Through Booking.com Cheaper for Hotel Rooms?

Usually, when you see lower prices for hotel rooms on Booking.com versus the actual hotel’s website, they book blocks of rooms and can offer them at a discounted rate to those who book through their third-party site. 

How Do I Confirm I Paid for My Booking With Booking.com?

Once you book something through the platform, you’ll receive a confirmation email to the one you used to create your account. Be sure to check your spam folder for the email confirmation. You can also go to your bookings on the website and download the proof as a PDF. 


Booking.com is one of the top travel websites to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more for your dream vacation. Whether traveling solo, with your significant other, friends, or the whole family, you can snag amazing deals when you use Booking.com promo codes. Be sure to check out their website as you plan your next trip!