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Get To Know Lovehoney – 8 Interesting Facts

Lovehoney is an online store that sells lingerie, sex toys, and similar products that are centered around customers “finding their happiness.” Established in 2002, they’re the UK’s largest adult retailer and have expanded into the United States and Australia. Here’s a look at what people are asking about Lovehoney.

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Who Owns Lovehoney?

Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst are the two founders of Lovehoney and remain on the company’s board of directors, and are the two majority stakeholders. 

What Is Lovehoney’s Return Policy?

Even though Lovehoney sells adult products, they do offer a return policy, unlike some other companies. Lovehoney has a 60-day return policy for unwanted and defective items. 


You’ll need to fill out a return request form on their website with as much information about the return as possible, and they’ll approve it and send you a shipping label so you can easily mail it back. 

Are There Any Lovehoney Stores in the United Kingdom?

There are no physical Lovehoney stores in the United Kingdom or other areas of the world.

What Do I Do If My Toy Isn’t Working?

If you receive your new Lovehoney toy and it isn’t working, they recommend checking to see if there are batteries in it. If there are, and it’s not working, try replacing the batteries. For rechargeable toys, make sure that the toy is fully charged. 


When you’ve tried everything suggested, and it’s still not working, you can get in touch with customer service. They’ll find out a little bit of information on what you’ve tried to do to get it to work and then ultimately have you mail the product back and send you a replacement. 

How Can I Speak With Someone at Lovehoney?

They have various options if you need to speak with someone at Lovehoney about your order, payment, shipping, or something else. You can visit their customer service page and fill out a contact form, email them at customercare@lovehoney.com, or use their customer service phone number 1-866-647-9194. 

What Happens If I Don’t Want People To Know What I Purchased From Lovehoney?

While there’s nothing to be ashamed of when ordering adult products, not everyone wants what they’ve ordered advertised to anyone who walks by their front door. Lovehoney ships all their products in discreet, plain brown packages so that whatever you’ve ordered stays a secret. 


For smaller items, they use plain parcels, and the shipping label will show an address, but it will never say Lovehoney, keeping the company you ordered from secretive. 

Who’s the CEO of Lovehoney?

The owners of Lovehoney are not currently CEOs of the company. Lovehoney’s current CEO is Sarah Warby. 

Can You Stack Discount Codes at Lovehoney?

Lovehoney releases a lot of discounts regularly, so it can be tempting to try and use multiple at once to take advantage of huge savings. Unfortunately, Lovehoney only allows you to use one discount code per order. 


You might be able to get free shipping by spending a certain amount on top of using your discount code, but only one legitimate discount code is allowed at a time. If you have multiple discount codes, the best thing you can do is choose the best one for your order to take advantage of the most savings possible. 


Lovehoney is the UK’s largest adult retailer and has been making waves worldwide with its warehouses in the UK, the United States, and Australia. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, your partner, or something to share, Lovehoney will discreetly ship your packages. Be sure to sign up to receive an additional percentage off your purchase!


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