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10 Need to Know Facts About Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is an online eyewear service that simplifies the ordering process. You can save your prescription to your profile to quickly purchase new frames. The site lets you virtually try on frames using your phone’s camera or a photograph to give you an idea of how they’ll look. Read on to find out more about Zenni Optical.

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Is Zenni As Good As Warby Parker?

Zenni Optical is an ideal alternative to Warby Parker because its glasses are more affordable. You can buy several pairs of trendy frames from Zenni for the price of one from Warby Parker. You can get different types of lenses from Zenni just as you can from Warby Parker, including blue-light blocking and fog coatings, progressive lenses, and sunglasses.

Where Are Zenni Glasses Made?

Zenni makes its glasses at a factory in Danyang, China. The country is well-known for glass manufacturing, so Zenni can get quality supplies from local producers. The company also has a distribution center in Canada.

Do You Need a Prescription for Zenni Optical?

You don’t need a prescription because Zenni sells sunglasses, readers, and blue light-blocking glasses. They offer trendy frames that can enhance your look even if you don’t need glasses to improve your vision. If you have a prescription, you can upload it to your profile once to easily order new frames countless times.

Does Zenni Optical Accept Insurance?

No, Zenni Optical doesn’t accept insurance. The glasses are so affordable that you don’t need to file a claim to get a new pair. However, some insurance companies offer reimbursement for vision care. You may be able to submit your Zenni invoice to your insurance provider to recoup your expense.

How Are Zenni Glasses So Affordable?

Zenni Optical is an online business, so they don’t have offices or retail space. Since they’re not paying rent for those locations, they can lower the glasses cost instead of marking them up, like other retailers. You can still use a discount code for eyewear to ensure you get what you need.

Can I Return Zenni Glasses?

You can return Zenni glasses for any reason within 60 days. The company would issue a 50% refund to your credit card if they had to custom-make your lenses due to a prescription. You can opt for a 100% store credit refund instead, so you can spend your money on a pair of glasses that better suit your needs.

Do Zenni Lenses Scratch Easily?

No, Zenni lenses are quality advanced plastics that won’t scratch easily. Any additional features you request, such as fog resistance or blue-light blocking, are in the lens. There’s no coating that can scratch off your glasses.

What Are Blokz?

Blockz is Zenni Optical’s blue-blocking glasses. You can get these lenses in any frame to protect your eyes from screens and sunlight. Tinted versions are best for people who spend most of their time looking at screens. You can also get Blockz Plus Anti-Fatigue, which uses magnification to reduce eye strain. Even kids can benefit from Blockz.

How Long Does It Take to Get Zenni Glasses?

You’ll typically wait two weeks from placing your order until the glasses are in your mailbox. This period includes Zenni custom-making your lenses and ensuring they fit in your chosen frames.

Can You Get Free Shipping From Zenni Optical?

You can get free shipping from Zenni Optical if you spend over $66 per order. You also get benefits and rewards by joining their loyalty program. You get birthday discounts, coupon codes, and free engraving on your glasses.


Zenni Optical is a great company that provides high-quality glasses at an affordable price. You can test frames virtually, search by frame type or face shape, and get prescription glasses and sunglasses within two weeks.  Check Giving Assistant for the best deals and promotions

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