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5 Ways To Save at Old Navy

Wanting to save some money? Here are five ways to save when shopping at Old Navy.

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1. Use a Promo Code From Giving Assistant

Find a valid Old Navy promo code on givingassistant.org to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses on wardrobe stock-ups for the whole family. 

While some promo codes are for Old Navy credit card holders only, all shoppers can take advantage of money off certain threshold purchases.


2. Become a Navyist Rewards Member

Navyist Rewards members can sign up for loyalty programs for free. You earn one point for every $1 spent on your new Old Navy wardrobe for the whole family. Plus, earn points at their sister stores on the same rewards account, such as:

  • Banana Republic
  • Athleta
  • Gap

Once you hit 100 points on your account, you get a $1 reward. You can also get bonus points for shopping at two of the family brands or when you make at least one purchase during a set quarter. 

Shopping at two of the brands per quarter gives you 500 extra points, doing three gets you 1,000 points, and frequenting all four brands at least once in a quarter can net you an extra 2,000 bonus points. 

3. Sign Up for an Old Navy Credit Card

As an Old Navy credit card holder, you are also enrolled as a Navyist Rewards member. Plus, you get member-exclusive perks that non-cardholders don’t receive. 

Instead of earning one point for every $1 spent, you earn five points. When you use your Old Navy credit card within the first two weeks of signing up, you get 20% off your first purchase. Card members get zero annual fees and receive faster shipping than non-cardholders. When you hit the Icon threshold of spending $1,000 annually or hitting 5,000 Navyist Reward points, you can receive triple the Birthday Bonuses, a Double Reward Day, and Create Your Own Sale Day.

4. Shop Old Navy Super Cash Promotions

Old Navy hosts Super Cash Promotions, where you earn $10 for every $25 spent during one month. Then you get to redeem the Super Cash on future purchases starting at the beginning of that next month. Don’t delay spending your Super Cash because they eventually expire later that month. 

If you have Super Cash that you accumulated, but you don’t need to purchase any more clothes that month, you have the option to turn your Super Cash into rewards points. 

The rewards points are integral to the transition from the Core perks threshold to Enthusiast and Icon. The higher your ranking, the better your savings as a Navyist Rewards member or Old Navy credit card holder. 

5. Browse Current Sales

Old Navy’s current sales promotions are displayed on its homepage. You may find different percentage-off or seasonal clothing-specific promotions. The best time to shop a sale is when there is a percentage off sitewide promotion.

The store is best known for its affordable T-shirt deals during spring and summer. Even when there is not a sale on what you are looking for, you can shop the gifts section, where they have items for under $5 and under $15 to keep a budget during the holiday season.

There are even sales for new cardholders that sign up during Family and Friends’ events. For example, they have allowed new card members to get 50% off if they signed up for it during the Family and Friends event and an additional 30% off their first credit card transaction once it arrives at their home.

Final Thoughts

With the above tips, you can save your hard-earned cash and buy stunning clothing items for the whole family.


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