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7 Ways to Save At Autozone

Maintaining a car is expensive, and we are too often surprised by faulty sensors and failing parts. It is nearly impossible to plan for everything that can go wrong.  Luckily, there are many ways to save at autozone.com.

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Ways To Save at Autozone.com

Continue reading to find the seven simplest ways to save at autozone.com. 

1. Join AutoZone Rewards

AutoZone Rewards is free and easy to join. After making an account online or in-store, you begin earning rewards immediately. Every purchase worth $20 or more provides you with one credit. After five credits, you will receive a $20 gift card.


With AutoZone Rewards, you can also access exclusive deals personalized for your unique needs. You can even find hundreds of free repair guides, which may eliminate the cost of sending your car to a mechanic. 


Aside from these ways to save at autozone.com, AutoZone Rewards also allows you to track your purchases and manage your vehicles and service history. 

2. Know the AutoZone Return Policy

Like most stores, it pays to know the details of the AutoZone return policy. You have 90 days to return all eligible products, so keep track of your timeline. Car parts can be expensive, and you don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t fit.


AutoZone has a separate policy that comes into play if they are at fault. For example, they will take responsibility for sending you a damaged or incorrect part. In these cases, they will pay for the return shipping. 


Be sure to alert AutoZone customer service if you are returning a part due to a shortcoming of theirs.

3. Sign Up for AutoZone Emails

When you first sign up for AutoZone emails, you typically receive a promotion. Often, AutoZone will offer cash back on your first moderately expensive purchase. 


To subscribe to AutoZone emails, click the “Get in the Zone” button at the bottom of the website. This process will redirect you to a new page where you can sign up for emails. 

4. Bring Back the Core

Did you know that you can save money by recycling at AutoZone? The core is an old or failed car part that was replaced during a repair, and these parts are still worth money to the manufacturing companies.


The refunded amount will depend on your part, but returning it is simple. Just bring the core and your receipt back to AutoZone, and they will issue a refund. 

5. Follow AutoZone on Social Media

If you frequent any of the most popular social media platforms, you should add AutoZone immediately. AutoZone alerts followers to the newest sales, provides discount codes, and advertises special offers.

6. Find Top Deals Online

On the AutoZone website, navigate to the menu. From here, find the Shop Deals subcategory and select Top Deals. Under this tab, you can access the most popular and worthwhile deals AutoZone has to offer at the time. 


Different products go on sale at various times, so always check this spot when you shop. Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to earn a gift card from eligible purchases.

7. Use Online Coupon Codes

Websites like givingassistant.org are full of free coupon codes for visitors of countless websites. Once you find the promo code that best suits your needs, you can enter it at checkout at autozone.com. 

Always check for codes like these before purchasing an item. These websites offer some of the easiest ways to save at autozone.com.


Final Thoughts

Before you make your next purchase at autozone.com, try a new saving method. Having the ability to maintain your car correctly could be the difference between junking it and selling it a few years down the line. 


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