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Top 20 Ways to Save Money at Etsy

A home decorated with handmade furnishings and accessories invites a warm, cozy atmosphere that adds appeal and comfort. But what if you don’t have the time (or the talent) to create charming homemade trinkets?

Maybe you’re looking for that perfect gift, or a new sweater for your little canine fashionista.

What if I told you that you can have whatever it is that you are after without the time and effort it takes to create it?

Enter Etsy:

Etsy logo written in orange beads on a wooden background
Etsy logo written in orange beads on a wooden background

The popular go-to site for handmade anything.

Etsy has just about everything you could think of:

  • Home décor,
  • Party supplies,
  • Gifts,
  • Jewelry,
  • Clothing,
  • And so much more!
Spa concept. Lavender handmade soap and accessories for body care (lavender soap towel sponge sea salt)

And it gets better:

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, many sellers are open to special orders.

Etsy has so much to offer that navigating the site may be a little intimidating for newcomers. Here are some tips to help save money at Etsy by shopping and saving money:

1. Learn to navigate.

Learning to navigate the site not only makes your shopping experience smoother, but it can also save you money. Take a look around the website and become accustomed to all the functions and features.

Wedding photos

For example:

Use the ‘sort by lowest price’ option in the upper right corner to find the best price on what you’re looking for.

You can also set a dollar amount that you want to spend and search by that amount only. Make use of all of the search and sorting options available to maximize your savings and save you time.

2. Compare

If you find something you like, don’t rush in for the buy right away! Compare pricing on the same or similar items from other sellers before buying.

3. Subscribe

Subscribe to Etsy email to get some awesome decorating tips, money saving offers, and keep updated on new products from your favorite sellers.

4. Etsy local

Scroll to the bottom of the Etsy home page and click on Etsy Local.

Etsy Local screenshot

There you will find local event dates and locations.

Etsy sellers map

At these events you can:

  • Meet sellers,
  • Sample products,
  • See new products,
  • And save on shipping by buying in person!

5. Social media

Follow Etsy on your favorite social media site for news about:

  • Sales,
  • Ideas,
  • Events,
  • New products,
  • And specials.

All right at your fingertips!

Pavlograd Ukraine - October 31 2014: Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods.
Pavlograd Ukraine – October 31 2014: Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods.

6. Giving Assistant coupons.

Shop with Giving Assistant and save with the latest coupons available. Subscribe and get the latest deals!

7. Gift cards.

Let family know that you would like Etsy gift cards for your anniversary, birthday, Christmas, etc. instead of wrapped presents. Check around online for gift cards that you can buy for a fraction of the face value.

8. Coupon codes.

Many Etsy shops will have a promo code at the top of their home page. You can also search through coupon websites and find codes that have worked and been submitted by other buyers. Etsy coupon codes and deals are updated every 30 minutes. Sellers sometimes submit their own codes too!

9. Bulk buys

Search ‘bulk buy discount’ in the search bar on Etsy’s home page. You will find many deals including BOGO offers! Also, if you put the word ‘sale’ after any search term it will include items that are listed as being on sale.

Crochet doll handmade art and crafts closeup, handmade crochet doll owl

10. Etsy sales events

Go to etsyonsale.com to find scheduled sales. There are many different Etsy products available with discounts from a few dollars to 25% or more!


11. Check your packaging.

If you have already made a purchase on Etsy be sure to thoroughly check your packaging when it arrives. Many sellers will include money-saving coupons or special offers in the package.

12. Split costs.

Team up with your friends and split costs on larger Etsy purchases. If you only need one or two of an item, but it’s sold in a lot of five, why not split the cost with friends who may be interested in the same item? This saves everyone money!

13. Save on shipping

Look for sellers that offer reduced or free shipping on certain purchases. Doing all of your shopping from one seller could also save you a good bit on shipping charges.

14. Ask for a discount.

You are able to send sellers a message on Etsy. Sometimes they will offer you a discount if you ask for one, but always check shop policies before asking for a discount. Some shop owners clearly state that requests for discounts will not be accepted, while other shop owners will gladly give a discount if asked.

Discount 10. Discounts price tag. Golden discount. Black Friday. Clearance Sale. Discount coupon. Discount gold. Sale discount

Just remember that most items on Etsy are handmade. This takes:

  • Time,
  • Skill,
  • And materials.

Take these things into consideration when requesting a discount.

15. Favorite Etsy shops

Favorite and follow your preferred Etsy shops to keep updated on new products and sales. Having all your favorite shops saved in one area makes shopping easier and more enjoyable.

16. Reviews

Always check shop reviews before purchasing. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on something of poor quality, or buy from a less than honest seller.

17. Return policies

Make sure you are fully aware of the shop’s return policies. Knowing their policies before making a purchase can save you from a hassle and money lost should something go awry.

Return Policy written on a wooden cube in a office desk

18. Etsy promotions.

Be on the lookout or search for Etsy promotions. New sellers will often use promotions to build their Etsy business. Even experienced sellers run special promotions from time to time to boost sales.

19. Cash back credit cards

Use a credit card like the Citi Double Cash Card to earn cash back on purchases at Etsy and elsewhere. Combine with your Giving Assistant savings (#6 above) and you’ve got yourself a significant discount!

20. Inspiration

Maybe you are crafty and have a little time to spare. Use Etsy as your inspiration and take on a DIY project to save money. Etsy also sells many craft supplies and items. Why not get your creative juices flowing?

Treat yourself to a beautiful handmade necklace, or buy the family some personalized matching pajamas! No matter what you are after, Etsy is full of unique and beautiful handmade pieces just waiting for a new home. The best part is that these carefully crafted items can be cheaper than buying retail if you shop wisely using these money-saving tips.

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