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Get To Know Casetify – 7 Facts

For phone owners, cases are a necessity. The right one offers protection, prevents tech damage, and adds the personality that upgrades your phone to a fashion accessory. Casetify is one of the brands currently dominating the phone case market, but is the hype worth it?

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Are Casetify Phone Cases Durable?

Casetify users swear by the brand’s promise of durability. Each impact case comprises 65% recycled plastic from unused manufacturing scrap, old phone cases, and plant-derived bioplastics, making it extra-sturdy and sustainable. Phones in Casetify cases can withstand a 9.8-foot drop and come away with minimal to no damage.


The shape of every case adds to the support. Each case has a rounded Qitech™ 2.0 bezel on the edge to prevent corners from cracking and ensure every corner of your phone is covered. And their signature logo border around the phone camera window isn’t just a marketing quirk. The raised camera ring prevents the camera from scuff marks or scratches. 

Are Casetify Phone Cases Bulky?

Unlike other protective cases, Casetify veers away from bulky designs and offers a sleek, lightweight feel. Cases fit in your hand comfortably and aren’t heavy to stash in your pocket or bag. It’s a great option if you’re constantly on the go, have a small purse, or are required to carry multiple things at once. 


Each case is smooth enough that it doesn’t catch on fabric, so there’s no worry of your phone accidentally dropping out of your pocket.

Does Casetify Offer Customization?

Casetify offers full design customization. You can upload your own photos or designs through their website and adjust the specs to your phone type and liking.


If you’re an influencer building your brand, you can even partner with Casetify and use their customization option as your marketing. Celebrities who have partnered with the company have released special sets of unique cases with their trademark logos for fans and followers to choose from. 

Which Devices Does Casetify Offer Customization For?

There’s the standard option for phone case customization, but there are also other products for your other devices that they can customize (iPads, AirPods cases, phone straps, etc.). 

Will my Casetify Phone Case Turn Yellow?

Eventually, yes, but after a long time. Yellowing occurs when particles in plastic materials break down due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Casetify’s recycled material prevents yellowing and staves it off for years, compared to other cases that turn yellow after a few months of use. 

Is a Casetify Phone Case Expensive?

Yes, these cases are expensive.


You might have already heard that Casetify is pricier than other phone cases, and it’s understandable that it could be a deterrent. But if you think of the amount of care put towards making every case durable, sustainable, and design-savvy, you’ll find it’s well worth the price. Quality and pricing go hand in hand, so it’s a good investment. 

How Can I Get a Discount When Buying on Casetify?

There are a few ways to save when shopping on Casetify.com. Firstly, you can check their websites for any seasonal promotions or sale items. Alternatively, you can check out givingassistant.org for quality Casetify coupon codes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to design and quality, Casetify has some of the best in the market. You can expect the brand to bring its best foot forward when they have partnered with the biggest names in music, design, pop culture, and fashion. 


Of course, every product comes with its own pros and cons, but you can be sure that a Casetify purchase does live up to the hype and is worth it.


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