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About AbeBooks is a book lover’s dream come true. AbeBooks features thousands of online booksellers, so book shoppers can find everything from rare books to the latest textbooks for their University courses. Retailers also offer new books and gently-used paperbacks or hard cover books. There are treasures aplenty at AbeBooks. Sellers offer outstanding historical items including collectible Beatrice Potter and charts from antiquity to the present. Make sure to proceed to the checkout with your digital coupons to enhance the value of your purchase.

You'll be able to buy the books that you love with no guilt since your promo code will give you instant savings. Browse through the reading lists on-site to find new authors and popular novels.

When you shop with Giving Assistant, you can save money and earn extra cash back on all of your purchases. Best of all, through your purchases you'll be able to provide donations to charities to make a positive impact on the world.

Free Shipping Policy

Sellers set their own shipping rates and policies. However, there is FREE shipping available on some titles. Simply enter the title, author name, ISBN number, or keywords to find titles that qualify.

Return Policy

Book returns and refunds are available within 30 days when the buyer finds an error by the bookseller or the package never arrives. For any other reason, the buyer should contact the seller immediately. If the seller does not respond within 3 days, the purchasers should return the book for a refund.

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