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Canceling a Papa Johns Pizza Order: 3 Foolproof Methods

Cancel today and get a full refund. Don’t waste money!

Canceling a pizza delivery order is a race against time!  We are here to help you through the process at Papa Johns to make sure you get your order canceled before you get charged.  Papa Johns has a comprehensive set of policies designed to protect from abuse.  However, if you follow this guide, then you can get this done quickly, efficiently and honorably!

Papa Johns is an international pizza company with locations in 45 countries. Papa John’s offers dine-in, pickup, and contactless delivery. For pickup and delivery options, you are required to place an order by calling the location, using the Papa Johns website, the Papa John’s app and other food delivery apps such as GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats to name a few.  Please note that use of coupons or promo codes may impact your ability to cancel your order.  Please refer to any specific terms and conditions related to specific promo code or coupon.

Papa Johns online policy is very rigid: 

Papa John’s allows cancellation of orders 45 minutes before the start of the delivery window with no consequences.  You will be refunded the total amount within 7 to ten working days through the same payment method you had used on your order.  

If you cancel your order within 45 minutes after the delivery window, you will be charged in total as though you never withdrew the order.  Also, no pizza.

Cancelling For iPhone Users:

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Apple iPhone


For customers using the Papa Johns app and have a subscription for monthly orders, the subscription can be canceled in the app itself.

First: Open the Settings app and tap on the name ID

Second: Click on the “Subscriptions” tab

Third: Sign in to your Apple account

Fourth: Select the Papa John’s Pizza Delivery option you want to cancel and select ‘Cancel’

Cancelling For Android users:

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Google Pixel 7

First: Open the Google Play app for Android phone users

Second: Sign in to the Google account you had used to subscribe to Papa John’s

Third: Click on the menu, then select ‘Subscriptions’

Fourth: Select the Papa John’s Pizza & Delivery subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the Fifth: “Cancel Subscription” option

Sixth: Follow the steps to finish the process

Cancelling For Phone Users:

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Antique Phone

To make a specific cancellation on phone orders, calling the location where your order is being fulfilled is your best bet.  Here is a resource where you can find the store locations in all 50 states:  https://locations.papajohns.com/united-states.  Cancellation policies in international markets can vary on a location by location basis.  Please reach out directly to get specific details of the cancellation policy.  Here is a resource where you can find international store locations:https://www.papajohns.com/international/.

Requesting a store refund is also an option to consider.  Papa Johns has a strict quality assurance program and do their best to make sure customers stay loyal.  This is your best bet to get refunds for certain situations.  Here is a step by step guide to claiming for a refund:

First: Call your local Papa John’s store

Second: Give information about your order directly off the receipt

Third: If you were unsatisfied with the quality of your pizza, you would get a replacement of equal value

Fourth: If the order has not reached you yet, you will discuss the terms of your refund depending on the status of your order


If all else fails, check out our guide on how best to contact customer service – Customer Service: 7 Best Ways to Get Your Problems Solved at Papa Johns