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Get To Know Longhorn Steakhouse – 6 Frequently Asked Questions

With approximately 500 locations nationwide, LongHorn Steakhouse has been serving steaks, chicken, and seafood dishes for over 39 years.  The casual American restaurant takes pride in serving steaks prepared the LongHorn way: always fresh, never frozen, and made from premium, juicy meat. 

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Integrity is essential to LongHorn. They don’t cut corners. The steak you order is hand-cut in their kitchen and cooked precisely to your specifications. The same level of care is put into every dish in their kitchen.

What Are the Best Steaks at LongHorn?

LongHorn Steakhouse features some of the best steaks available if you need a good steakhouse.


The best steak depends on your budget and the way you like your meat prepared. However, Flo’s Filet is one of the best steaks at LongHorn Steakhouse. This center-cut filet is incredibly soft and is grilled with LongHorn’s special seasoning.


Can I Obtain Coupons/Discounts When Ordering?

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Is LongHorn Porterhouse a Good Steak To Eat?


Eight standard steak varieties are available at each location of LongHorn Steakhouse. One of their top porterhouse choices is the Outlaw Ribeye – one of the top-selling porterhouses on the menu. 


The porterhouse is a huge slab of meat with a delicious taste and outstanding marbling served with the bone still in place. This presentation gives you the added flavor of the marrow soaking into the 20 ounces of surrounding meat, creating a flavor explosion on a plate.


Is Renegade Sirloin a Tough Steak?


The LongHorn Steakhouse’s Renegade Sirloin certainly feels tough.


To break its fibers, good intense chewing is necessary to break the steak up sufficiently in your mouth. If you would prefer very tender meat, opt for a different menu item.


Is There a Difference Between a T-bone and Tenderloin at LongHorn?


When measured from the bone to the broadest point of the filet, the T-bone must be at least 1.25 inches thick.


On the other hand, the tenderloin side is naturally larger, so there are plenty more mouth-watering steaks to savor. Although it consists of only half of your dinner, the tenderloin portion has a wonderfully soft feel.


Is the LongHorn Ribeye Fatty?


The ribeye is a cut of meat that looms above most in terms of marbling and flavor. It is regarded for the exquisite, shimmering fat striations that run rampant through the meat, making each mouthful explode with mouth-coating rich juices.


Don’t fancy a fatty bite of meat? When it comes to steak, fat equals flavor. The 12-ounce steak served at LongHorn has all the exquisite marbling you could ask for in a steak cut.


Each slab of meat is completely saturated in the fat that sits next to it, resulting in a burst of robust juices with every bite.

Final Thoughts: Better Than Your Average Steak

Variety is one thing that LongHorn excels in providing its beloved customers. The menu at LongHorn features an astounding variety of meat cuts, from the restaurant’s famed Outlaw Ribeye to the flavorful Renegade Sirloin. 


On top of that, LongHorn Steakhouse’s steaks are mouthwateringly soft and delicious not just because of the quality of their beef but also because of how they are prepared. LongHorn Steakhouse never serves frozen steaks, in contrast to many steakhouses. 


At LongHorn, you can guarantee that you’ll always receive the best-tasting steak.


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