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4 Great Ways To Save with Briggs-Riley.com

If you are someone who has traveled for any reason, such as business or pleasure, you have probably realized the importance and necessity of having good luggage.

Having sturdy and secure luggage can be the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare situation. 

Oftentimes, however, you may find that luggage, especially good quality luggage, can be expensive.

Fortunately, at Briggs-Riley, affordability and quality go hand in hand. However, some tips can save you some extra money while shopping with them.


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Here is a list of four great ways to save at Briggs-Riley. Keeping more money in your pocket for your travels while keeping your items safe.

1. Subscribe to the Email List

One easy and great way to get extra savings with Briggs-Riley is to subscribe to their email list.

This list will give you access to the latest Briggs-Riley product news and new and upcoming deals and promotions. Oftentimes these deals will be available only to those who have subscribed to the email list.

Signing up is incredibly easy to do. Simply go to the Briggs-Riley website, navigate to the “subscribe” advert posted throughout the different web pages, and enter your email address.

By selecting ‘submit’ you will be automatically subscribed to their email list and will have access to exclusive deals and promotions.


2. Shop the Sales!

Another excellent way to get luggage you can rely on at a price you can appreciate is to shop the sales.

Briggs-Riley offers a wide variety of sale prices and discounted luggage. Taking advantage of these lower prices and money-saving discounts is simple. It is as easy as going to their website and then navigating to the “sales” tab.

The inventory on these pages is constantly updated, so you can be sure to find the luggage and accessories that fit your style. 

Quantities are limited, however, so if you find something you love, take advantage of the price as soon as you see it!

3. Become an Affiliate

A unique way to save money at Briggs-Riley is to sign up for and use their affiliate program. 

This isn’t something you see with many companies. But it can be an excellent way to save, and even earn, some extra money.

Being an affiliate means you work with the company to help them get more sales. This affiliate status also benefits you, as it provides you with perks, such as commission, discounts, etc.

With Briggs-Riley, when you become an affiliate, you earn a commission on referrals you make that purchase from the company. This commission can be spent however you like, including purchasing luggage and accessories.

In other words, you could be purchasing their products with their money. No cost to you. The more you refer, the more you earn, and the more you can buy.

This is a way to get endless savings and extra money, especially for your travels.

To become an affiliate, all you do is apply. From there, your savings and earning journey can begin. An affiliate program is an excellent option and opportunity for small business owners, influencers, etc.


4. Social Media

As social media becomes part of our lives more and more, with each passing day, businesses like Briggs-Riley are starting to hop on the social media train to connect with their customers.

For customers like us, this connection can be an excellent way to save money on the products we love.

In the case of Briggs-Riley, they use their social media pages, especially their Twitter account, and post things like exclusive deals and promotions. They also post giveaways and contests regularly.

Following their social media pages can be a great and simple way to save money. They update these pages regularly, giving you access to different savings options.


Final Thoughts

If you love the quality of Briggs & Riley products but also love to find ways to save on your purchases, these four tips can help! From sales to the company email list and even sharing your thoughts on social media, you can earn a discount from the brand you love.


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