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4 Ways to Save with Hotwire.com

Booking your dream vacation, or even a quick trip to see family, can go from being affordable to being unaffordable very quickly.

Hotwire, a travel company founded in 2000, has one goal in mind. To help you travel and save money while you are doing it.

Because Hotwire is already known for its low travel prices, you may be wondering how you can save even more with this company. Going forward, we will look at four money-saving tips you can use with Hotwire, to help give you more bang for your buck.

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1. Get the Hotwire App

This secret to saving money with Hotwire is often overlooked because people tend to book vacations using a computer.

Downloading the Hotwire App on your mobile device is going to save you money on top of Hotwire’s already low rates.

To begin with, most of their deals are offered at lower prices when you use the app. Immediately giving you savings you wouldn’t get if you booked using a computer.

When you download the Hotwire App, you get a code. This code will provide an extra 10% off your first in-app booking. So, in addition to the savings using Hotwire itself, on top of exclusive in-app deals, you then have discount codes with those deals.

This will give you savings and more savings.

2. Subscribe to Hotwire Emails

Allowing Hotwire to send you emails on their latest deals is another quick and easy way to get extra savings.

By doing this, Hotwire will give you an additional $10 off when you book your next hotel using their “Hot Rate” feature.

Signing up for their emails is simple. All you must do is enter your email address and then select submit. That is it. You will receive emails from Hotwire with coupon codes, promotions, and their latest travel deals.

3. Bundle Up

When booking a vacation, you can choose a travel package. A travel package is a bundle deal where you book something together, like your airfare and hotel.

Bundling through Hotwire is going to give you access to even more savings. You must bundle at least two things but can bundle all three deals that Hotwire offers; airfare, hotel stay, and car rental.

These deals vary depending on where you want to go and for how long. Their package deal page is a great place to keep updated on current promotions.

Use Hotwire Hot Rates

One of the best ways to save money with Hotwire is to use their Hot Rates feature.

Hot Rates are last-minute deals that Hotwire offers when a hotel or airline needs to fill their rooms or seats in a hurry. The savings with Hot Rates can be up to 60% off the already low prices Hotwire offers on hotel rooms, airfare, and even car rentals.

These deals are going to vary day by day as they are last-minute openings. An option that is perfect for you if you want to book a spontaneous trip for the weekend. Or if you need to get somewhere unexpectedly.

Again, these deals change frequently. They are only offered for a few days before, or even the day that, the booking needs to be filled. This is a feature you would use last minute, not if you are booking a trip a week or longer in advance.

To see what Hot Rates are available for you, check out the Hot Rates deals page on the Hotwire website.

A good reminder is using the mobile app plus a Hot Rate deal will give you even more savings.


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