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Customer Service At Autozone – 4 Key Moves

Purchasing car parts should be a seamless process so you can get your vehicle back in working order. But when an online order goes wrong such as receiving the wrong item in your shipment or needing a refund for whatever reason, you will want to know the ways to contact AutoZone to make your claim. 

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Read the AutoZone Frequently Asked Questions

For the fastest service, read the AutoZone frequently asked questions section. Learn how to generate a virtual shopping list, how to buy and use a gift card, the terms and conditions for AutoZone rewards, same-day, and next-day shipping details, charges for a battery core, and more. 


If you have a question about the website or business operations, you will have more luck consulting the FAQs for a quicker answer. If there is an issue with your order, you will have to try one of the other contact methods for a customer service agent to solve the problem. 

Send in a Contact Form

When you go to the Contact Us page, there are six preset issues that you can select from before you send in a contact form. Choose from website issues, order questions, parts & products, rewards, store experience, or something else. 


Once you select the issue category, you can fill in the contact form accordingly. Include your first and last name, and your email, and type it in again to confirm it. Include your phone number if you would like as this information can be optionally provided. 


Finally, type in a thorough description of your issue so the agent assigned to your claim can actively assist you. The more information that you provide, the fewer questions the assigned agent will have to ask you to fully understand your submitted claim.  

Call the AutoZone Customer Service Hotline

Call the AutoZone customer service hotline at 1-(800)-288-6966. Be sure to have a copy of your online order that includes the order number in front of you before you place the call. Press option #3 when the automated system gives you the connection options as this will get you the help you need for an AutoZone online order. 


If the nature of your call does not concern an online order, provide details of what’s going on. Are you having a website issue? Describe any error messages that pop up during website navigation. Provide the cause and effects of actions you attempt to take while surfing AutoZone. 


Did you have a positive or negative experience in one of the AutoZone stores? If so, what were the store location and the person’s name that made the positive or negative experience possible?

AutoZone Live Chat

If you have an issue that cannot be simply answered by referring to the FAQ section, try AutoZone live chat. It is not as fast as reading the FAQ section, but it can be faster than making a phone call, depending on the nature of your issue. 


Type in your name, and email, and select from the How Can We Help drop-down menu. You can choose from the existing order, place a new order, automotive advice, pricing/availability, and “other.”


In the text box below this drop-down menu, describe more details about your issue. Be as clear and thorough as possible to expedite the live chat in the beginning stages. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the ways to contact AutoZone, we hope that your future order experiences go smoothly in the future!


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