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Customer Service at Little Ceasars – 4 Ways to Get it Done!

Nothing is better than picking up a fresh, hot slice of pizza. As an internationally renowned pizza chain, littlecaesars.com has earned its reputation for providing high-quality, cheesy goodness. 

Bacon-wrapped deep-dish pizza back for a limited run at Little Caesars

Littlecaesars.com has franchised pizza restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. No matter where your travels take you, you can always count on littlecaesars.com to satisfy your cravings. 


Littlecaesars.com understands that convenience is crucial to customer satisfaction. With a click of a button, you can place your order with littlecaesars.com. 


Do you have a question, concern, or feedback that you would like to relay to the littlecaesars.com customer service team? Luckily, littlecasesars.com makes it easy for you to reach their customer service team. 


We have outlined the best ways to get in touch with the littlecaesars.com customer service team so that you can focus your energy on choosing your pizza toppings!

Contact the Customer Service Team Through the littlecaesars.com Website

Littlecaesars.com makes it easy for you to reach their customer service team. The littlecaesars.com “Contact Us” page provides two options for contacting the customer service team: Product Service and Feedback or General Questions and comments. Select the option that best describes the reason for your correspondence. 


The contact forms for Product Service and Feedback and General Questions and Comments are the same. Both contact forms require that customers provide their first name, last name, email address, phone number, zip code, and a detailed message. 


Customers also have the option of providing their address, city, and state. Customers should note that on the contact forms, littlecaesars.com requests that all questions, concerns, or requests be as detailed as possible. 


If your correspondence is regarding a previous order, be sure to include the date of the order, the order number, and the details of the particular product. If your correspondence concerns a particular product, be sure to describe the product in your message.


Phone the Customer Service Team at littlecaesars.com

You can contact the customer service team at littlecaesars.com by calling 1-800-722-3727. You can reach their customer service team via telephone on Monday to Friday from 9 am – 11 pm Eastern Standard Time and Saturdays from 3 pm – 11 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Contact the littlecaesars.com Customer Service Team Through Facebook Messenger

You can contact the littlecaesars.com customer service team by quickly shooting them a message on Facebook messenger. When you visit the Little Caesars Facebook Page, you can select the blue “Send Message” button at the top left-hand corner of the page. 


According to the littlecaesars.com Facebook page, it typically takes the customer service team a few hours to respond to Facebook messages. So, if your question or concern is not a particularly urgent one, this may be the way to go! 


If you’re hoping for a speedy response to your inquiry, it may be best for you to simply give the customer service team at littlecaesars.com a call.

Use the Store Locator Function to Contact a littlecaesars.com Restaurant Near you

Customers of littlecaesars.com can use the Store Locator on the littlecaesars.com website to locate the nearest local littlecaesars.com restaurant. Simply enter your city, zip code, or state into the search bar, and you will be redirected to a list of nearby restaurants.


 This list will provide you with the address, phone number, and operating hours of the littlecaesars.com restaurant you are trying to contact.


There’s nothing better than fresh, tasty, affordable, and deliciousness. Use our Little Caesars Coupon Codes to save on cheesy goodness today!


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