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5 Ways Top Get Customer Service At Olive Garden

Customer service is a crucial part of any business, but only a few go above and beyond. Those that do, however, make the lives of their customers a lot easier. Companies with mobile apps, for instance, are particularly easy to do business with. Olive Garden is one such company.

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Read on as we go over the four best ways to contact Olive Garden and resolve questions and issues.

Toll-Free Phone Number

Olive Garden has two toll-free phone numbers: one is for media relations, and one is for guest relations. If you’re a customer or want to be, you must use the one for guest relations.

The toll-free number for guest relations is (800) 331-2729.

Interactions through this number will generally follow the same pattern.

If you ask a question, they will likely answer right away. And if you have a complaint, suggestion, or constructive feedback, customer support will likely ask you to use the contact page.

Website Contact Page

Olive Garden’s contact page is one of the most intricate contact pages we’ve seen.

On their contact page, you have to fill out a form. You start by writing your comment in the first section under “Let Us Know What You Think.” Here, you can choose whether you’ll send:

  • A query asking a question
  • Provide positive feedback
  • Lodge a complaint
  • Leave a suggestion

Afterward, you’ll have to fill out a form to essentially tell them how they can reach you. You have to tell them your name, zip/postal code, phone number, and email address. Lastly, you need to provide details about the restaurant you have concerns with.

Due to the amount of text you’ll find on the contact page, it makes sense to get lost along the way. Thankfully, you don’t have to enter the appropriate input on every field on the page.

Only those with asterisks (*) are necessary if you want to send your query.

According to what we’ve seen in Olive Garden’s social media profiles and webpages, this is Olive Garden’s preferred means of communication.

Social Media Profiles

Like most businesses, Olive Garden has a social media presence.

Currently, they have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

While you can contact them via their respective social media profiles on these platforms, the conversation will often not be any different from contacting them via their toll-free number or through their website.

The interaction will follow the same pattern—they will either answer your question or ask you to send the query via their contact page if it’s anything other than a simple question.

If you still insist on using this contact point, we suggest messaging their Facebook page. They tend to have fast replies.

Email Address

You may also contact Olive Garden via their email address: [email protected]

This method is rarely the best way to contact Olive Garden. The query you’ll send via their contact page comes as an email anyway, so contacting them through that page is almost always easier.

Visit a Physical Location

If you have a concern regarding a particular Olive Garden branch, consider speaking to an employee at the location in question. They may be able to offer you fast assistance or point you in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

The difficulty of having your concern addressed at Olive Garden will generally vary according to your problem. Those who simply want a simple question answered will find it particularly easy to get a response from Olive Garden’s contact points. Once that’s done, and your plan to visit the restaurant is all but confirmed, you may as well enjoy an Olive Garden Discount Code.


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