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Customer Service At Casetify – 4 Ways To Get It Done

As a customer, one thing you may look into before buying a product or availing services is the company’s after-sales support. Casetify.com has acknowledged the importance of customer service and made sure they are available to contact anytime. 

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Casetify.com has never taken for granted its customer support channels. They believe that satisfying customers is a top priority even after customers have made orders as it contributes to the company’s good reputation. Thus, you can reach out to the company through its support page, social media accounts, and through their physical branches near you.

Reach Out Through the Support Page

Casetify.com has an extensive support page and FAQ section on its website. The support page will ask for your information, and you can use it to file more complex queries and requests. 


Using the support page, you can track your order, cancel or amend it, file a complaint, make product inquiries, and ask about promo concerns. You can also inquire about a bulk order if you have a store and want to resell the products. 


If you have multiple inquiries, put them all in the message box and provide all relevant details. Once you hit submit, the support team of casetify.com will reach out to you through the email you have provided in the form. 

Get Connected to Social Media Accounts

Casetify.com is visible online, not only through its website but also on social media platforms. You can send them messages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


If you have product inquiries, you can get answers to your questions with their posts on Instagram and Facebook, where you can see products’ different colors and new designs. These posts have descriptions of the products and instructions on how you can place your order. You can also message them directly to get your answers right away. 


Their Twitter account is relatively active as well. You can connect with them by hashtag #CASETiFY or tag them @casetify, and your inquiries will be visible to them. The direct message button also works, so if you want to keep your query private, this approach is a great option.

Communicate Onsite by Visiting their Branches

You can visit any branch near you if you need to talk to someone in person. Each branch has a customer support representative that can provide you with the same quality of service you get online.


Casetify.com has seven branches in Asia Pacific and one in the United States. You can check their products and talk directly with the salesperson to address your inquiries and other concerns. Whether you want to place your order with a specific design or need help with your purchases, the team will be happy to assist you. 

Browse through the FAQ Page

Casetify.com has a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to your questions. It covers concerns about the ordering process, billing, promotions, products, and even authenticity questions about the products.


So, before reaching out anywhere online, you can check the FAQ page and see answers to your questions there!

Final Thoughts: Customer Service at Casetify.com

Casetify.com values providing excellent customer service by ensuring they can talk online and offline whenever you have concerns. So, know that they care and want to resolve your concerns and address your inquiries. You can contact them in any way convenient through the channels mentioned above.

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