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Customer Service At Potterybarn.com – 4 Approaches

Pottery Barn is your go-to for upscale furniture pieces for home and backyard decorating such as bedding, bath, pillows, decor, tabletop and bar, and so much more. However, when something goes wrong during your Pottery Barn ordering experience, you will want to know how to contact the company to set everything right. 


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Let’s learn about all the ways that you can contact Pottery Barn customer service. Don’t forget to add a Pottery Barn promo code to your virtual cart to save on the next order that contains your updated home decorating project elements. 

Call the Pottery Barn Customer Service Hotline

American consumers can call 1-888-779-5176 to get in touch with the Pottery Barn customer service hotline. If you are based in Canada, Australia, or other foreign countries, there are different numbers to call based on your location.


When you call the customer service number, it will remind you via an automated message that the call will be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. Press the corresponding number of one through five for the reason you are calling such as questions about an existing order or details for scheduling a furniture delivery to your home.  

Write a Letter to Pottery Barn

Maybe you want to commemorate a great customer service experience that happened online or at a local store in person. Perhaps you have an idea for a new product that Pottery Barn should be carrying, whether it’s your invention or just a brand that you love in general. 


Consider writing a letter to the Pottery Barn company as a unique contact method. Sometimes a typed or handwritten letter can stand out versus just placing a phone call in a manner that could cause the company to forget what they were told in a matter of seconds. 


If you want to mail a letter to the company, here is their address below. You never know if you will receive a coupon for your next purchase or if they will honor your idea, so be sure to include your return address so that they know who to contact to send a response. 


Pottery Barn

151 Union St.

San Francisco, CA 94111

Send a Fax to Pottery Barn Customer Service Department

Since the company does not have a customer service email or a live chat available, there are not many other options for contacting the customer service department except sending them a fax. Perhaps you have to send them pictures of damaged furniture that arrived to you in the mail from the company. Maybe you need assistance with a technical difficulty occurring on the website and need to send screenshots for clarification on why it’s happening. 


Faxing Pottery Barn is the only way to resolve a customer service dispute that may need more details to support your claim. Considering the lack of email and online chat, faxing the company is how you can correspond with supporting documents for customer service claims. 

Contact the Design Chat

Even though there is no designated customer service chat, there is one called the Design Chat. Send a question here if you have inquiries about interior or outdoor home decor design and receive free assistance from a licensed home decorator. 


Now that you know how to contact Pottery Barn, you are equipped with everything you need to file customer service dispute claims whether via phone call, fax, or written letter. The fastest option to solve your customer service dispute claim is to call the customer service hotline. Fax supporting documents for your claim, if necessary. Resort to a written letter to express a concern or a positive comment or suggestion. 


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