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Customer Service At Rushmypassport.com – 3 Ways

Have questions in mind regarding passports? The RushMyPassport customer service can help.

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RushMyPassport.com has already helped thousands of people receive the documentation they need for overseas travel. It is the quickest and easiest way to get a passport for international travel. They have the resources, knowledge, and worldwide network to significantly minimize the time required to secure travel papers and legalizations.


Steps in Obtaining a Passport


Here’s how to obtain a passport through the platform:


  1. Go to the Rushmypassport.com website and choose the type of passport you are applying for.
  2. A checklist is sent to your email for you to complete.
  3. Send your papers and passport photos using the mailing address you received through email.
  4. Once Rushmypassport.com obtains your documents, one of their nationwide couriers will wait in line with your passport application at passport agencies.
  5. Your papers are delivered to the passport agency and processed within 24 hours.
  6. RushMyPassport keeps you posted by phone or email.


If you have questions regarding the procedure, contact Rushmypassport.com customer service at (877)503-9838. They are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.


Getting in Touch with RushMyPassport.com Customer Service


RushMyPassport is a US passport courier business that charges an extra price to get your US passport fast and easily. You can go to a local passport agency if you do not want to employ their services. Otherwise, contact RushMyPassport.com customer service and inquire about the necessary prerequisites and forms for obtaining a passport.


Here are the basic requirements the customer service representatives might need you to supply when applying for a passport.

1. Identification Proof


Primary IDs that are valid include:


  • Driver’s license
  • State, municipal, or federal IDs with photo
  • Green card
  • Military ID.


The valid secondary IDs are: 


  • Suspended or expired driver’s license
  • US, foreign, or expired passport with photo
  • SS (social security) card.


Other acceptable secondary IDs include a student ID with a photo, transcript of records, employment ID, voter’s ID, birth certificate, marriage certificate, car registration, and more.

2. Proof of Citizenship


The valid proofs of citizenship include:


  • Original copy of passport
  • Original copy of a birth certificate
  • Original copy of naturalization certificate
  • Form FS-240, the Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Form DS-1350, or the Certificate of Report of Birth

3. Passport Photos

Applicants must provide a recent 2×2 passport photo with a simple white background.

4. Itinerary

You may need to provide a hard copy confirming that you will be traveling soon. Acceptable forms of travel documentation include:


  • Email confirmation of your airline ticket
  • Airline booking information
  • Travel agency booking information
  • A letter from your company if no itinerary is presented


Rushmypassport.com FAQs and Live Chat


If you would prefer not to contact customer support, you can look at the platform’s detailed FAQ section on their website for answers to your queries. They also have a live chat option on their website that offers speedy responses to address all your concerns.


The Advantages of Contacting Rushmypassport.com Customer Service


RushMyPassport.com’s patented application assistant technology is used to build tailored passport application packages and checklists to guarantee that each application is accurate.


Their system efficiently guides clients throughout the process, making it simple to follow and comprehend while removing the uncertainty and typical errors that might occur when doing it yourself. Their experienced passport consultants are reachable by phone, chat, or email to give individualized assistance whenever required.


Detailed tracking transparency to keep clients updated on the status of their passports, apart from quick processing, is a significant additional advantage of speaking with a customer service representative.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re applying for a passport or trying to redeem a valid coupon code, you might need to speak with a customer service representative. Visit Rushmypassort.com in one of their corporate or regional locations around the US, or reach them by phone at (877)503-9838.


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