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10 Heartfelt Homemade Father's Day Gifts He Will Love

Let Dad know he's one-of-a-kind with these 10 homemade Father’s Day gift ideas!It is time to show Dad just how deeply you love him, and we have the perfect homemade Father’s Day gifts to help you do it.Father’s Day always resurfaces those lovely memories of the magical moments when our dads stole our hearts. Maybe it was the time your dad was so overflowing with pride at your soccer goal that he literally fell down from all the jumping. Or, maybe it was the time he was equally proud when you sat on the sidelines the entire game, lifting you up in his arms and saying you’re still his little soccer star.When we think of what dads mean to us, this wise proverb rings true:  “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.” These 10 homemade Father’s Day gifts are both authentic and genuine. Each of them will show your dad just why he is a very special person. Homemade Father's Day Gift vs Buying One Choosing do-it-yourself gifts is both very eco-friendly plus frugal.Here are three reasons they making a homemade gift is a good idea:By making gifts at home, you can significantly cut down on waste. You can even make us of recycled or reused materials. Such thoughtful gifts are much more likely to be saved for years, rather than quickly become waste.Timeless, Sentimental Gifts #1 Create a Q&A Sheet About Dad for Kids to Fill In This adorable gift is the perfect choice for children. Each question allows kids to reflect on why their dad is the very best! The resulting answers are sure to be too cute and cherished for years to come!Steps:Simply type up a sheet of paper with 10 or so questions about Dad. Leave blanks for kids to fill in their answers. Once the page is printed and filled in, you can paste a picture at the bottom. Optional: frame the paper.Some of our favorite questions:“My favorite memory with Dad is _______.” “My dad makes me laugh when _______." “My favorite thing to do with him is _________.” “He is really good at __________.” “My dad taught me how to _________.” “He always knows how to cheer me up by ________.” “My dad always says _________.”#2 Memory Jar Who says celebrating memories with Dad is only a once-a-year event?This unique and sweet DIY gift, made with a mason jar and index cards, is a clever way to appreciate your dad all year round.Steps:All you will need is an empty mason jar and a stack of index cards. Whenever you have a heartwarming moment or share a hilarious story with your dad, jot it down on one of the index cards and throw it in the jar. Keep the tradition going from this Father’s Day to the next. Only open the jar to read the notes after a year has passed. Reading them together, you will bring every memory back to life again and truly see what a wonderful influence your dad is in your life.#3 Write a Very Short Story This detailed, authentic gift is ideal for a woman giving to her husband or her own father.If you want to describe to your husband precisely why you think he is such an outstanding father to your children, there is no better way than through a story.Similarly, if you wish to remind your own father of a memory of deep significance you shared in your childhood, writing it down is a beautiful gesture.Steps:This story can be as short as 1 page. If you’re really on a roll, by all means keep going!Topics to spark your creativity:A wife to her husband: “ The Moment I Knew You Were an Amazing Dad” Woman to her own father: “The Moment I Realized How Very Deeply You Loved Me”  Creative & Crafty Gifts If you have caught DIY craft fever, then we have exciting news!Putting together these unique homemade Father’s Day gifts is a blast and their value is sure to last. #4 Coasters Made of Scrabble Letters Is your dad a dedicated writer, avid reader, or simply a master of the Scrabble board game? If any or all of these apply, these DIY scrabble letter coasters will bring countless smiles to his face.Steps:Choose a series of words either four or five letters in length. Suggestions: love, hugs, papa, golf, play, hero, boat, daddy, adore, laugh, best. You can have the words stand alone or create a sentence. Assemble all letters into words and createREAD MORE...

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