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Customer Service At Trafalgar Travel – 3 Simple Ways To Get Help

Booking a vacation can feel overwhelming. This feeling can be even more so when you have questions and aren’t sure whom to get in touch with, or how to get answers. Getting in touch with some companies for help can be difficult, but that is not the case with Trafalgar.

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Trafalgar has provided three simple ways to get in touch with them. Each one of these options is quick and convenient. These options make it simple to get the help you need. As well as getting you back to planning the vacation you are hoping to have. We will list those customer service contacts here.

1.Contact Form

The first way Trafalgar has provided for you to get in touch with them is a contact form. This form asks a few simple questions about how to get in touch with you and the issue you need assistance with.


After filling out this form, hit submit, and someone from the Trafalgar team will reach out to you. Filling out this form is an easy and quick way to get your issue heard and get the help you deserve.


The form asks for different contact methods, such as your phone number and email address. Multiple options like this can be beneficial, as you can choose how they contact you.


Trafalgar is committed to keeping your information private and secure. Their privacy policy is at the bottom of the form. Having this policy in place keeps you protected and gives you peace of mind.

2. Phone Number

Trafalgar also provides their telephone number if the form option is not for you. If you have a quick question or do not want to wait for someone to reach out to you, this is the option for you. Their telephone number is 866-513-1995. 


Beneath their telephone number, they have listed their hours of operation:

  • Monday-Friday

06:00 – 17:00 PST

  • Saturday

06:00 – 15:00 PST

  • Sunday

06:30 – 15:00 PST


Seeing hours of operation listed like this can be a bit confusing. For your convenience, there is an “open” status in green to the right of their telephone number. The status changes to “closed” in red when outside of their hours of operation. Having this status change takes the translation out of the equation if you are in a time zone other than PST. 

3. Request a Brochure

If you are looking for information on a trip but don’t necessarily want or need to speak with someone, they have an option for that as well.


Trafalgar offers physical or virtual brochures. These brochures are full of details about the trips Trafalgar offers. They also contain information on how to book with Trafalgar and the packages they offer. Again, this can be very helpful if you have a few simple questions but don’t feel you need to speak with someone.


Getting a brochure is simple. You can request one here. Trafalgar will mail you up to 4 different brochures if you would like. The brochures can also be accessed online. Either way, they can be browsed through at your convenience. After looking through the brochures, you can contact them through the options listed above if you still have questions.   


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