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Customer Service At Dominos.com – 4 Ways To Get It Solved!

Ordering pizza is a delicious experience. Choosing your favorite dishes on the menu, waiting patiently for your order in the pick-up line or at home, and smelling that mouth-water cheesy, saucy deliciousness when you get it in your hands is a whole experience. 


In Italy, Where Pizza Was Born, Domino's Bows Out - The New York Times


However, what happens if you have an issue with your Domino’s experience? Learn the ways to contact Domino’s customer service when there’s a problem. Don’t forget to use a Domino’s coupon on your online orders to save money on your takeout purchase!

Contact Domino’s Corporate Number

Domino’s corporate number is 1-734-930-3030. When you call, press 1 for customer support. The automated message will outline all of your contact options. Calling your local Domino’s branch is the fastest way to get customer service if you need to speak to someone live. 


Find the phone number for your local Domino’s branch by conducting a Google Search “Domino’s near me.” Cross-reference the address that is on your Domino’s receipt with the address on the Google search. You may also be able to find your local branch’s phone number on your receipt without having to conduct a Google. 

Email Domino’s Customer Service 

Use the Dominos email form to contact the company about manners that are not as urgent. For example, you may want to praise a specific employee for above-and-beyond customer service while you visited your local Domino’s franchise. Maybe you have questions about the Piece of the Pie Rewards program that was not answered in the FAQs section. 


The email form is a four-part (or sometimes three-part) process, depending on whether you have to enter order information or not. First, highlight details about your experience, including selecting from the drop-down menu why you are emailing the company, a written description about said experience, the store location, and if your concern involves a specific order you placed.


Then, you will have to give more details about the order in question whether it was for carryout or delivery and how you placed your order. Next, enter your name and contact information. Finally, you can attach any supporting documentation to your emails such as your receipt, the condition in which you received your food, or an error message that popped up on your Domino’s app. 


Submit the email form and wait about 24-48 hours for a response sent to the email that you provided on the form. Check as often as possible, so you can answer any other questions the agent may have before they can process your claim. 

View the Customer Support Team FAQs

When you want to get your answer to a customer service question answered without having to wait for an agent to join a phone call or answer your email, take a look at the customer support team FAQs page. Get answers to questions about how to capitalize on Piece of the Pie Rewards, purchase and redeem gift cards, nutrition facts questions, and more. 


Viewing the FAQs section is the quickest way to get your customer concern answered as it is a self-help option. Save time by referring to this section first for questions you need to answer the most. 

Connect With an Agent on Domino’s Social Media Handles

There is a customer service agent always standing by on one of Domino’s social media handles. Visit their profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Log in to your social media account on one of the corresponding platforms to direct message the company. As long as it is a weekday that you contact them, a customer service agent should return your message within about one business day. 


Now that you know how to contact Domino’s customer service, we hope that your issue can be resolved as soon as possible. Happy pizza eating!


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